Tom Fitton

FITTON: Clinton email probe docs ‘damaged beyond repair’; DoJ hack Bruce Ohr given $28k BONUS during ‘Russiagate’ probe (Video)

By Jon Dougherty It was another fruitful week for Judicial Watch as the organization managed to pry additional, highly revealing documents from government agencies indicating more rank corruption in the “Russiagate” and Hillary Clinton email…


Judicial Watch finds the proof: Obama WAS in on covering up Hillary’s massive classified email abuses

Judicial Watch uncovers NEW classified emails that Hillary tried to destroy: Where are the charges?

Judicial Watch founder estimates at least 900,000 illegals voted in the 2018 mid-terms, stealing America away from its own citizens

Federal court blasts DoJ, State Dept.; orders discovery plan to see if Hillary sought to HIDE her emails to evade law

TWO systems: JW’s Fitton says FBI’s Strzok did NOTHING with evidence Russians hacked Hillary’s private server (Video)

UNLEASHED! POTUS Trump calls for END to ‘discredited’ Mueller witch hunt following release of Carter Page FISA docs

Comey says there were “hundreds of thousands” of Hillary emails on perv Anthony Weiner’s laptop; watchdog told only ‘72,000’ existed

Legal watchdog says Comey ILLEGALLY leaked memos to prompt Trump special counsel: ‘Where’s the DoJ?’

Fitton: Obama was given the ‘Russian dossier;’ — ‘What did HE know and when did he know it?’ (Video)

Fitton: Hillary was hiding EVERYTHING on her ‘private server’

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