Post-rally assessment from Trump supporters: ‘Electric’ event featured ‘Energizer bunny’ prez who has ‘kept his promises’

Kanye West takes up for POTUS Trump and his supporters during interview with anti-Trump David Letterman

POTUS Trump redefines conservatism in fiery speech at CPAC: ‘This is how I got elected!’

CNN interview of ‘furloughed federal workers’ brought on to bash Trump doesn’t go as planned

‘Women for Trump’ to hold ‘summit’ in DC just weeks before midterm elections

Deranged anti-Trumpers now pushing for “show trials” to criminalize, imprison all Trump supporters across America

Clueless: Supporters of socialist Ocasio-Cortez have NO idea how to pay for her policies

DNC ‘the ultimate Ponzi scheme,’ class-action lawyer in Bernie lawsuit says

Democrats want you to think Trump supporters are turning on him - but they’re not

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