Stefan Halper

Carter Page: Deep state FBI informant Halper intensified contact just before FISA court issued spy warrant

By Jon Dougherty In what is further proof the Obama regime’s deep state actors were desperate to infiltrate the 2016 Trump campaign, then-foreign policy adviser Carter Page said deep state intel asset Stefan Halper “intensified”…


Trump campaign spy Stefan Halper part of Russian ‘set-up’ says Pentagon whistleblower: Sara Carter

PANIC! Top Dems DEMAND Trump administration keep info on campaign spy Stefan Halper CLASSIFIED

Grassley to FBI’s Wray: Chairman demands unredacted version of bureau’s ‘Confidential Human Source’ guide

White House trade czar Navarro says he feels ‘DUPED’ by Deep State after recommending ‘spy’ for ambassadorship

So, who hired Stefan Halper, alleged Trump campaign ‘informant?’

Obama’s ‘Spygate’ scandal has many twists, but how come no one’s talking about THIS one?

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