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More censorship: Apple threatening to ban social media app Parler because it won’t punish conservatives

The REAL speech Nazis: YouTube’s new censorship purge BANS videos that talk about illegal immigrants

Government authorities begin prosecuting Internet users who shared the New Zealand mosque attack video

Zuck’s luck may have run out with POTUS: Trump to ‘look into’ Facebook’s blocking of his social media chief

Don Jr.: Conservatives face huge Big Tech censorship hurdle in 2020

Are Muslims the new Left-wing protected class? Critical social media posts may soon get Americans banned

Michael Cohen’s claims about rigging online polls for Trump are nothing compared to Google’s CRIMINAL vote-stealing for Democrats

Here we go again: NEW migrant caravan forming in Central America

2018 will be remembered as the year of Big Tech censorship of conservatives

Claim: YouTube alters search results to appease pro-abortion Leftists

Did ‘Russian-style’ meddling in Alabama election by Dem operatives hand victory to Doug Jones?

POTUS trolls CNN: If Facebook uses a ‘fake news filter, will CNN go out of business?’

Here’s why the big tech firms like Google don’t fear regulations: Money

Google BUSTED: Tucker Carlson reveals how company mobilized to elect HILLARY

POTUS Trump blasts ‘illegal’ social media BIAS and censorship, vows actions

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