Great news: Pro-life sentiment among Americans FAR exceeds support for Dems’ radical abortion push

Left-wing Dem bully’s challenge met at Philly Planned Parenthood clinic: ‘We won’t be intimidated’

POTUS is said to have Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s replacement ALREADY on speed dial

Left-wing extremism on abortion causing DEMS to become more pro-life: Survey

Claim: YouTube alters search results to appease pro-abortion Leftists

Big pro-life win in West Virginia: State constitution amended to say abortion not a ‘right’

Pro-life film driving the Left CRAZY: ‘Go f*** yourself’

University prof caught erasing students’ pro-life messages will pay for it — literally

Did your unborn baby survive Hurricane Harvey? It’s time to KILL it, says one abortion provider

Ben Shapiro’s responses to an abortion question are classic

Finally, Planned Parenthood loses in court

It shall be life: Texas permanently bans taxpayer dollars for abortion

Trump gives some praise to a different ‘women’s march’-those who support LIFE

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