Oregon militias threatening violence as governor orders state police to round up GOP senators; capital closed

Leftist Oregon governor sends state troopers to detain absent GOP senators who fled state to avoid vote on devastating ‘cap-and-trade’ bill

Will Trump’s 2020 campaign make a play for Oregon, California, and other Left-wing Democrat disaster states?

Left-wing anarchy has gotten so BAD in Portland that the sheriff won’t let his deputies respond to calls inside the city

Bill that turns gun owners into criminals overnight passes in Oregon Senate: Gun sanctuaries likely to EXPLODE around the country

Western cities are becoming rat-and-drug-infested beacons of filth and homelessness under Democrats

Absolutely SICK: Portland ice cream shop creates ABORTION-themed ‘flavor’

Portland Mayor and Portland Chief of Police should be ARRESTED for being complicit in mob violence and terrorism against citizens

Unbridled LUNACY: Federal judge in Oregon rules high school boys MUST share locker room with ‘transgender’ who is a biological girl

‘WOKE’: Far-Left anti-ICE activists HURL racial epithets at minority officers in Oregon protest

Journo-terrorism on display as CBS doxxes low-level DMV worker for daring to suggest America should protect its borders

Revealed: Oregon governor took large cash donation from Soros group in days before declining to send Guard troops to U.S. border

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