Mike Pompeo

Pompeo meets with CENTCOM over Iran as anti-Semite and America hater Ilhan Omar blames the U.S. (and Trump) for tanker attacks

Pompeo: ‘Unmistakable’ that Iran is behind tanker attacks in Gulf of Oman

Hero SEAL Dan Crenshaw smacks down Obama adviser Ben Rhodes for questioning Trump admin’s Iran claims over tanker attacks

Border Patrol union chief praises POTUS’ Mexico deal: ‘More troops on their border than Congress has on ours’

Pompeo lauds POTUS Trump over landmark deal with Mexico: ‘Diplomacy at its finest’

U.S. embassies defying Trump admin by flying ‘gay pride’ flag: ‘This is category one insurrection’

Venezuelan crisis: Maduro was preparing to flee the country until Russia intervened, says Pompeo

Pompeo to Philippines: U.S. will honor mutual defense treaty if attacked by China

Venezuelan leader Maduro’s ‘days are numbered,’ says Pompeo warns as Guaido will ‘formally’ request U.S. ‘liberation’

Sec. of State Pompeo RIPS legal claim by ISIS wife: ‘She’s a terrorist and she’s NOT coming back’

Pence: Iran plotting ‘new Holocaust’ to wipe out Israel as Jewish state considers response

Promise kept: U.S. troops begin withdrawing from Syria as Pompeo slaps down fake news

Pompeo BLASTS Sen. Menendez for blocking diplomatic appointments after complaining WH hasn’t filled positions

Pompeo’s message to Deep State: ‘If you’re not on POTUS’ team, get out’

America first: Trump admin caps refugee admissions at record-low 30,000

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