Wall Street soars after Trump tweets he will meet China’s Xi at G-20 as his country’s economy ‘crumbles’

Vets angered by Ocasio-Cortez’s blatant anti-Americanism STORM out of meeting: ‘I was revolted’

House Intel Chair Adam Schiff met with Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson during height of panels’ ‘Russian collusion’ probe: Report

In a win for POTUS Trump, trade deficit narrows far more than expected ahead of talks with China

Kellyanne: Do Democrats want the ‘government open or borders open?’

Brennan caught in another LIE? Claim he heard about Russia ‘dossier’ via ‘news reports’ doesn’t WASH

Trump, Chinese leader Xi may MEET to settle TRADE war: Report

FLASHBACK: Several figures at infamous Trump Tower meeting with Russian lawyer were associated with bogus dossier creator Fusion GPS

Here’s why Cohen’s ‘bombshell’ claim about POTUS knowledge of Trump Tower Russian meeting…ISN’T

Cohen claim that POTUS knew of infamous Trump Tower meeting with Russian SLAMMED by the Prez: ‘NO!’

Yes, Kim Kardashian is going to the White House for meeting with POTUS Trump; here’s the agenda

Trump: Why are Dems rooting AGAINST North Korea summit?

No, Trump has NOT ‘caved’ on ‘gun control’

COVER-UP: Susan Rice’s day inauguration day email poses BIG credibility problems for Comey as Obamagate spy scandal widens

Trump to CNN’s whiny Acosta at White House: ‘OUT!’

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