House of Representatives

Ha! Pelosi ignores her far-Left AOC faction and agrees to pass emergency border funding bill

Graham: Mueller’s House testimony will ‘blow up’ in Democrats’ faces because his ‘conclusions won’t change’

House Dems back tens of TRILLIONS in new spending for college debt and universal healthcare, but balk on a few billion to take care of migrant children

Black Democratic writer booed for testifying AGAINST reparations at House hearing (Video)

McCabe transcript from 2018 House testimony: Comey’s draft statement exonerating Hillary ‘not normal FBI protocol’

Two Obama judges have sided with House Dems demanding POTUS’ financial info: Why Trump will ultimately win

Pelosi’s claim that POTUS threw ‘temper tantrum’ during infrastructure meeting is a lie — and there’s proof

Is Jerrold Nadler about to spark a true constitutional crisis with his threats to arrest Trump Cabinet officials?

This one is for ALL Americans: Trump SUES House to prevent politicization of his tax returns

House fails to override POTUS veto of bill blocking emergency border declaration; Pentagon shifts $1 billion for wall

Dems pushing CDC to fake “gun violence” science research just like the EPA fakes climate change research

Rep. Ilhan Omar can’t even get basic math correct in her criticism of McDonald’s CEO at House hearing

As shutdown continues, it can’t be said enough: Dems supported border barriers before Trump demanded it

House Dem majority will push for law making private gun sales ILLEGAL

Pelosi vows more open borders legislation as Dems set to take control of House

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