FISA court

Mark Meadows asks FISA court judge to probe FBI requests to spy on Trump campaign

Collusion: Top Dem lawyer gave FBI attorney Russian dossier the bureau invoked to SPY on Trump campaign

Meadows: FBI ‘coordinated leaks’ to media to justify bogus FISA warrants

Now we know: Obama DID sign off on Spygate

POTUS on offense, calls on FISA court to level charges against Comey, Yates, Rosenstein and McCabe

U.S. Attorney John Huber has NOT talked to Bruce Ohr yet, and that’s a problem

BUSTED: Texas Rep. John Radcliffe says sworn FISA affidavits NEVER mentioned Bruce or Nellie Ohr

NY Times FAIL: Sara Carter reports Peter Strzok wasn’t fired for ‘Anti-Trump texts’

Will POTUS Trump DECLASSIFY Carter FISA warrant docs this month?

FINALLY: Judicial Watch PRIES docs regarding FISA warrant against Carter Page from DoJ

Devin Nunes turns up HEAT on DoJ, FBI: Wants 17 officials to testify regarding FISA court ABUSE

Former AG Eric Holder to GOP lawmakers probing FISA abuses by OBAMA Deep State: “IT MUST STOP”

ANOTHER Comey lie? Internet investigators find evidence FBI spying on Team Trump began WAY before July 2016

House Freedom Caucus chair Meadows to Rosenstein: ‘Give ME documents; you can’t investigate yourself’

House Intel chairman Nunes says it’s time for Congress to hold FBI’s Wray, DoJ’s Rosenstein, in CONTEMPT

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