DHS records show ‘hundreds’ of migrants crashing U.S. border have criminal records including murder and assault

By Jon Dougherty (NationalSentinel) While crime may be down in parts of the United States over the past decade, our country is anything but crime-free, so we don’t really have any need to import it….


Soros-funded Marxist ‘prosecutors’ overseeing murder spikes, breakdown of law and order in U.S. cities

Another Drag Queen Story Hour pervert exposed as a sex offender; why are public schools subjecting our children to these deviants?

NOT ‘mainstream’: Bernie’s plan to let ALL felons vote is a non-starter for vast majority of Americans

DHS: Hundreds in migrant caravan heading to U.S. are KNOWN criminals and gang members

Convicted murderers and terrorists are among the group of “harmless, poor” migrants in the caravan approaching the U.S. border

Of Course! New report says Obama’s DACA program handed protections to THOUSANDS of criminal aliens

The pattern of corruption in the DC swamp has one common element: Democrats

Trump WARNS lawless Oakland mayor: She’s ‘protecting criminals’ and ‘we’re looking at responses’ (Video)

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