Former CIA officer: ‘Deep State’ is real and it’s COMING for POTUS Trump

Never-Trump Former CIA Director Brennan took SECRET trip to Russia around time author of ‘Trump dossier’ wrote first bogus memo

Investigators seek to understand #NeverTrump CIA chief Brennan’s role in Russia investigation

Documents suggest massive collusion between CIA, FBI, Obama White House, top Dems early in Trump-Russia probe

Rand Paul defends Trump against former CIA Director Brennan: Who’s ‘disgraceful?’

Media LIE: Trump’s Pick to Head CIA Did NOT Oversee Waterboarding of Abu Zubaydah

Proof of anti-Trump DEEP STATE: Unprecedented number of former CIA operatives running in 2018 as Democrats

Deep State: ‘Unprecedented’ number of ex-CIA operatives running for Congress as DEMOCRATS to thwart Trump’s agenda

Nunes ATTACKS: ‘Phase 2’ of Trump dossier probe comes with threat to subpoena Comey, Clapper, Brennan and a dozen others

Nunes pledges to investigate former CIA chief John Brennan; ‘He may have perjured himself’

Paper: Obama administration TWISTED, LEAKED sensitive intelligence for POLITICAL gain; got CIA agents KILLED

Report: CIA knows who leaked stolen DNC docs to Wikileaks

Trump-go-round: Prez set to replace Tillerson at State with Pompeo at CIA; move Cotton to fill intel post

Trump: Former intel chiefs, Comey, ‘political hacks;’ believes Putin

Botched Russia meddling analysis makes U.S. intel agencies appear politically motivated

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