assault weapons

Gun supply retailers are FLOODING California with 30-round magazines after fed court rules ban unconstitutional

By J. D. Heyes In the aftermath of a recent federal court ruling striking down as unconstitutional a California law limiting gun magazines to 10 rounds, firearms owners throughout the state have flooded suppliers with…


2020 Dem candidate Kamala Harris says ‘assault weapons’ don’t belong in ‘civil society’ — but infanticide is okay?

New DEM ‘assault weapons’ ban is not about public safety it’s about public enslavement: The stats prove it

Would Georgia Dem Stacy Abrams confiscate ‘assault weapons’ from her Black Panther supporters?

Why isn’t the American Medical Association fighting for lower medical costs instead of stumping for more GUN CONTROL?

Dem lawmaker unveils ‘secret’ gun control agenda his party REALLY wants

Remember ‘Fast and Furious’ scandal? Gowdy’s about to BUST it wide open

RECORD numbers show up to Florida gun show: ‘Never seen such a big crowd’

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