By Duncan Smith

If you followed Rep. Ron Paul’s congressional career before he retired in 2013, you knew that he was more of a libertarian than a Republican.

He was especially against endless wars of imperialism, and that included our little jaunts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Paul regularly spoke out against expanding our war efforts in those countries but especially in Afghanistan, where no invader has ever been successful over the long haul.

While he initially supported giving President George W. Bush authorization to invade Afghanistan, he never wanted the U.S. to stay there.

But stay, we did — that is, until this week.

Joe Biden’s handlers disregarded Donald Trump’s peace deal with the Taliban so the Taliban disregarded it too and launched an offensive, of sorts, to retake the country as U.S. forces withdrew.

The chaotic retreat has become this generation’s “Saigon,” and Biden owns it.

It was so bad, in fact, that we should have seen it coming.

Well, Ron Paul did.

Newsweek has more:

Decade-old comments from former Congressman Ron Paul about the United States’ involvement in Afghanistan have spread on social media amid the unfolding crisis in the nation.

“Ron Paul” became a trending topic on Twitter on Monday, with many writing “Ron Paul was right.”

Some shared a speech Paul, who ran to be the Republican presidential candidate three times, made about Afghanistan in 2011 and in his 2012 farewell speech.

Paul, who had three stints in Congress, first representing Texas’ 22nd congressional district and then its 14th, gave a speech in March 2011 in which he supported legislation advocating the U.S. military leaving Afghanistan.

“The question we’re facing today is should we leave Afghanistan? I think the answer is very clear and it’s not complicated, that of course we should. As soon as we can,” he said. “This suggests that we can leave by the end of the year. If we don’t, we’ll be there for another decade would be my prediction.”

On leaving, he said: “The large majority of the American people now say it’s time to get out of Afghanistan. It’s a fruitless venture, too much has been lost, the chance of winning, since we don’t even know what we’re going to win, doesn’t exist.”

Later in his speech, he spoke against the “perpetual occupation of a country.”

“We can’t change Afghanistan,” he said. “Even if you could, you’re not supposed to. You don’t have the moral authority, you don’t have the constitutional authority.”

Is Ron Paul some sort of savant?

Not really. Just a pretty good student of history. Plus, he had the advantage of knowing what the government knew at that time as well: That there was no way to ‘win’ in Afghanistan, but that we would remain there for the dumbest of reasons.

And now, all that he predicted has come true.

Biden owns this. But the fate of Afghanistan post-‘Merica was sealed long ago.

Will anyone in DC learn from this?

Well — did they learn anything after Saigon?

We know the answer.

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