Idiot of the Day

Today’s idiot is the NYTime’s Maggie Haberman.

In any prior administration, if a military officer of any rank moved to undermine the president’s foreign policy, he/she would have been offered the chance to resign or fired.

Simple as that.

Generals and admirals can’t openly challenge or question the foreign policy decisions of the commander-in-chief, but this loser Haberman seems to think it’s okay for a Lt. Colonel to do so.

Here’s a big, fat hint, Maggie: He isn’t.

The proper course of action for the president, outside of presenting any evidence he wants that this Vindman is a Democrat operative, is to fire him…on the spot.

Military officers serve the commander-in-chief, who, in turn, serves the country. Haberman either doesn’t know this basic fact or doesn’t care.

Either way, by taking Vindman’s side, she’s an idiot.