Serial liar James Clapper says, again, that Russia tried to smear Clinton and help Trump - without any evidence

By J. D. Heyes

(NationalSentinelIntelligence: Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper appeared before a Senate subcommittee investigating potential Russian interference in the U.S. presidential election and repeated an unsubstantiated theory: That Vladimir Putin’s Kremlin sought to influence the election against Democrat Hillary Clinton and for Republican Donald J. Trump.

“While it’s been over four months since the issuance of the assessment, as [FBI and NSA] Directors [James] Comey and [Michael] Rogers testified … the conclusions and confidence levels reached at the time still stand,” Clapper told a Senate Judiciary subcommittee in his prepared remarks.

Clapper said the assessment was completed by three agencies: the CIA, the FBI and the National Security Agency, the Washington Examiner reported.

Here we go again.

It should be noted that this claim is not hard-and-fast, it’s a theory. Clapper, who was a political appointee we must remember, can throw around official-sounding rhetoric and imply anything and everything he wants as a former DNI, and to the uninitiated or chronic #nevertrumper, it’s going to sound believable.

Once again, it’s worth reminding everyone that not a single U.S. intelligence agency has produced one shred of documented proof of what Clapper is alleging. Not one single shred.

Furthermore, there is no evidence whatsoever that any alleged Russian activity in any way changed the outcome of the election, which is what Democrats have been attempting to claim by using this phony baloney narrative.

Not a single person said to be “tied to Russia” from Team Trump was charged or arrested for any illegal activities, after being under surveillance for nearly a year by the Obama adminstration.

NO one.

Finally, no evidence has been produced (through leaks of course) that anyone on Team Trump has illicit contacts with the Russian government or Putin. NONE.

And yet this discredited, goofy theory persists because it’s what the fake news ‘mainstream media’ has concocted and, thus, so it becomes reality to the Democrats. Worse, far too many Americans have been duped by this garbage simply because they don’t like or agree with the man in the Oval Office. Sad.

And there is this: Clapper, in the past, has had problems with the truth:

— In March 2013, Clapper said in response to a question from Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., about whether NSA colleges “any type of data on millions, hundreds of millions of Americans,” the agency didn’t.

Wyden: “It does not?”

Clapper: “Not wittingly. There are cases where they could inadvertently, perhaps, collect, but not wittingly.”

Wyden: “All right. Thank you. I’ll have additional questions to give you in writing on that point, but I thank you for the answer.”

The following year, revelations about NSA activities leaked by former contractor Edward Snowden revealed Clapper was lying his you-know-what off. He later apologized to the head of the Senate Intelligence Committee at the time, Sen. Diane Feinstein, D-Calif., claiming he ‘misunderstood’ Wyden’s question (leading many to speculate at the time if Clapper was smart enough to hold his position if he couldn’t even understand a very simple question).

— In March, during a televised interview on NBC News, Clapper fudged again, claiming that no, the Obama administration did not have Team Trump under surveillance - a lie that has been exposed so many times by now we’ve lost count.

“I will say that for the part of the national security apparatus that I oversaw as DNI, there was no such wiretap activity,” he said.

Uh, “the part of the national security apparatus” that the DNI oversees is all of it. He’s the director of national intelligence; all intel activity - especially that which involved the campaign of a major party candidate - would have been known to the DNI (and to Obama, by the way).

Many in Congress - including Wyden - hoped that charges would be filed against him for lying to the committee, which is against U.S. law. None were, but clearly Clapper has issues with the truth when it comes to political agendas.


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