By Duncan Smith

If we had an honest ‘mainstream media’ in this country of ours, there would be no need for sites like ours.

Americans would be well-informed and as such, able to make better decisions about, say, who we want to lead us.

Sites like ours reported for months that Joe Biden’s handlers were far-left Marxists who care about nothing but perpetuating their own power, country’s approval be damned.

And as we predicted, the Marxists are making their move, while the networks and most cable news leftists ignore the destruction of our country as founded.

Axios reports:

President Biden recently held an undisclosed East Room session with historians that included discussion of how big is too big — and how fast is too fast — to jam through once-in-a-lifetime historic changes to America.

The historians' views were very much in sync with his own: It is time to go even bigger and faster than anyone expected. If that means chucking the filibuster and bipartisanship, so be it.

Four things are pushing Biden to jam through what could amount to a $5 trillion-plus overhaul of America, and vast changes to voting, immigration and inequality.

  1. He has full party control of Congress, and a short window to go big.
  2. He has party activists egging him on.
  3. He has strong gathering economic winds at his back.
  4. And he's popular in polls.

First of all, claiming Biden is “popular in the polls” is laughable; neither he nor his VP can draw flies to any venue where they appear.

But the basic information — the ‘go Marxist, go now, and 50 percent of the country be damned’ part, is the bigger message.

These power-mad leftists are going to destroy — destroy — our country. But the joke is on them, because they will be left with nothing but a rump state to control, because the rest of the nation will destroy itself or break away.

There is a large plurality of Americans who will not be ruled by tyrants. That’s just true.

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