Russia releases video of undersea ‘Doomsday Machine’ drone that can COVERTLY carry nuclear weapons to U.S. ports

(National SentinelHot War: In September 2015, details about a sophisticated, nuclear weapons-carrying undersea drone Russia was developing emerged, shocking Western military experts and observers in the U.S. and throughout the West. reported that the UUV — unmanned underwater vehicle — could target American and European ports without detection:

According to officials, the developmental unmanned underwater vehicle, or UUV, when it is deployed, will be outfitted with megaton-class nuclear warheads that can destroy key ports used by U.S. nuclear-armed and powered submarines like Kings Bay, Georgia, and Puget Sound in Washington state.

The WFB noted that details surrounding the secret Russian drone sub are closely held within the U.S. government and intelligence community. The Pentagon has code-named the drone sub “Kanyon,” indicating that the sub is a structured arms program.

The web site followed that report up with another that provided additional details a few months later:

…[A]s reported by Foreign Policy, Russian TV cameras happened to catch a glimpse (see above) of a new nuclear weapon platform that, should Moscow decide to build, could be a game-changer.

The system? Status-6: An underwater sub-like drone that is designed to transport a thermonuclear weapon into foreign ports. If detonated, the weapon is capable of extinguishing major port cities like New York with a blast and massive amounts of radioactive fallout.

“At the risk of understating things, this project is bat-shit crazy,” writes Jeffrey Lewis for Foreign Policy. “It harkens back to the most absurd moments of the Cold War, when nuclear strategists followed the logic of deterrence over the cliff and into the abyss. For his part, Putin seems positively nostalgic.”

But there is nothing phony about the project. 

From that project sprang another one that is eerily similar: Poseidon.

As Business Insider reports, Russia recently posted a video showing how the system would work: UUV’s like Kanyon would deliver nuclear devices stealthily to the sea floor off U.S. coastal regions. Once detonated, they would form tsunamis of 300 or more feet, demolishing cities along the coast and killing hundreds of thousands or even millions of people.

The news site noted:

Putin first publicly described that nuclear-powered device on March 1 during an address to the Russian Federal Assembly. He said the autonomous drone would quietly travel to “great depths,” move faster than a submarine or boat, “have hardly any vulnerabilities for the enemy to exploit,” and “carry massive nuclear ordnance,” according to a Kremlin translation of Putin’s remarks.

“Unmanned underwater vehicles can carry either conventional or nuclear warheads, which enables them to engage various targets, including aircraft groups, coastal fortifications, and infrastructure,” Putin said.

The videos the Russian president presented in March were primarily computer renderings, though Putin claimed Russia had finished testing a nuclear-powered engine for the torpedo in December. However, on July 19, the Russian Ministry of Defense uploaded several new clips to its YouTube account that may show real-world hardware — including one of a torpedo-shaped device called “Poseidon.”

Some U.S. experts are downplaying the “Doomsday Machine,” as some have described it. They say theoretically Russia could build such a device, but why would it want to? They don’t believe even a 20-50 MT nuclear device on the seabed miles from shore could generate a tsunami large enough to threaten a coastal city.

But dropping one off in a U.S. or European harbor would sure do the trick, wouldn’t itThe fallout alone would render the facility useless for generations.

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Maybe we should pre-empt our nuclear arsenal now. Why wait? It seems the world’s nuclear militaries are willing to end it all anyway. Let’s make sure its a mutual destruction.


Well, if had something like this I would not advertise it.


What a load of baloney is this. The Russians can do the same with missiles, without all that costs and bullshit. Simply propaganda. And the press, lacking any intelligence as usual is repeating the propaganda.


Somewhat like the armament displays at Red Square in the 50’s and 60’s yet who’s weaponry prevailed? What? You think that the US can’t do the same thing? We just don’t talk about it. Why? Because it keeps them guessing and makes them spend wads of money that could better be used by the citizens of Russia.


This is fake news. The powers that be are trying to instigate a war with Russia. This is a false flag.

Russ O'Phobia

They’re under the bed, ladies and gentlemen.
At least, would have us believe so.

Joe Squid

All this from the same Russian government that has just recently cut their military budget by 25% or so? Luckily for the Russians videos and animations are cheap to produce.

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