By Duncan Smith

Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin never stood a chance.

He was going to go to prison for the rest of his life no matter what the jury in Minneapolis ruled.

All 12 jurors could have decided that Chauvin’s actions were responsible in some way for Floyd’s death but not that he was a murderer.

Wouldn’t have mattered.

The Justice Department — those corrupt sons of [expletives] had a plan, a secret plan, to jam him up anyway and send him away for life come hell or high water.

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune reported Friday:

Leading up to Derek Chauvin's murder trial, Justice Department officials had spent months gathering evidence to indict the ex-Minneapolis police officer on federal police brutality charges, but they feared the publicity frenzy could disrupt the state's case. So they came up with a contingency plan: If Chauvin were found not guilty on all counts or the case ended in a mistrial, they would arrest him at the courthouse, according to sources familiar with the planning discussions.

Under the contingency arrest plan, the Minnesota U.S. Attorney's Office would have charged Chauvin by criminal complaint — a quicker alternative for a federal charge that doesn't require a grand jury — so they could arrest him immediately, and then asked a grand jury for an indictment, according to sources, who were not authorized to speak publicly.

This should scare every single American citizen, regardless of party (or no party): When our Justice Department has decided an American citizen is guilty of a crime after a jury decides otherwise, we no longer have a functional republic.

We have a dictatorship.

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