Michael Flynn’s attorney demands FBI search database for altered interview notes as government admits ‘key error’ involving Peter Strzok

(TNS) We’ve been suspicious for a long time over the fact that President Trump’s first national security adviser, Michael Flynn, has never been sentenced after admitting to ‘lying’ to federal investigators about his “Russia” contacts.

At first, we believed reports claiming that Flynn was cooperating with then-special counsel Robert Mueller and that as long as he continued to do so, his sentencing would be delayed.

But Mueller’s probe has been over now for months. He filed his report in March. And still, Flynn hasn’t been sentenced. In fact, several sentencing dates have been pushed back time and time again.

We think we know why: Those initial reports a year or so ago claiming that deep state FBI thugs associated with railroading Flynn by altering interview notes were likely true.

According to Fox News, the government has now admitted that there were some “alterations” made to Flynn’s interview notes, and those alterations are tied to former top FBI counterintelligence official Peter Strzok, one of two FBI agents who interviewed Flynn in early January 2017 about perfectly legal discussions he had with a Russian ambassador.

“We were informed that the notes we had identified as Peter Strzok’s, were actually the other agent’s notes…and what we had identified as the other agent’s notes were in fact Strzok’s notes,” said U.S. Attorney Jessie K Liu said in a statement. “We understand this has caused some confusion and we regret our error.”


Now, Flynn’s attorney, Sydney Powell, wants the FBI to scour its database for those interview notes to find out just what changes were made and by whom.

“The entire case against Mr. Flynn depends on what the agents said that he said in the interview that they didn’t warn him about” or take “any verbatim recordings,” Powell told Fox News Tuesday.

“So, their entire case depends on what these two agents said,” she added. “Now, 18 months later, they’re realizing that they got the names of the two agents crossed?

“It’s appalling,” said Powell, a former federal prosecutor and noted Justice Dept. whistleblower. “What else have they gotten wrong?”

It’s worth noting here that neither agent believed that Flynn was lying to them, according to previous reporting.

“We can’t trust anything [the FBI] says,” Powell continued, adding that is why she is asking a federal court to order the bureau to search all of their databases and produce all documents related to her client’s case.

Powell said that the original 302 documenting Flynn’s first interview “is still missing.”

“The only way it could be missing is if it was affirmatively destroyed, and there would be evidence of that,” she said. “So they have a lot of explaining to do.”


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