Joe Biden the Stooge: Former Veep refuses to answer direct question about him and his son’s involvement in Ukraine (Video)

(NationalSentinel) Finally, someone in the Washington media gaggle was ‘brave’ enough to do the right thing and ask former VP Joe Biden directly to his face about his role in Ukraine as Obama’s policy point man while his son was making hundreds of thousands of dollars from a company under investigation for corruption.

And, like a dick, Biden sidestepped the question and demanded — demanded — that the press focus instead on President Trump for…you know, talking to a foreign leader.

As maddening as it is to listen to this piece of shit dodge, deny, and lie his saggy balls off to the press, it is instructive nonetheless.

One of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” is to always accuse your political nemesis of doing what you did. Biden did that Friday in response to the question about his Ukraine involvement.

Another rule is to hyper-focus a campaign of propaganda on your political nemesis, and Biden did that by pointing his stupid finger at the reporter and chastising him to “focus on that man” (Trump) for doing his job and asking exactly the right question.

We all know you’re guilty, Biden. You fucking bragged about it on video for the world to see. We know you abused your power and threatened to withhold a billion dollars from Ukraine unless the government there fired a prosecutor looking into corruption involving a company that was paying your son, Hunter, 50 grand a month. And we know you did it on behalf of Obama; again, you admitted it; we saw you and heard you admit it.

(Recall how Saul Alinsky Democrats are now accusing Trump of “admitting” he sought ‘political’ assistance from a foreign government?)

And oh, by the way, ass clown, the Ukrainians never did completely abandon their corruption probe, as OANN reported Thursday. Your coke-snorting boy is still under the microscope (and so are you).

Biden has been busted. The evidence is clear. He can run around all fucking day claiming “Trump! Trump! Trump!” but when it gets down to the nitty gritty and there are debates (if Biden makes it that far) and the country is hyper-focused on the issues next year (if there aren’t indictments first — we continue to hope) the truth will come out.

Meanwhile, we have to endure Biden’s bullshit.


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I hope ChinaJoe the Pedo gets everything he deserves


If the Bidens have done nothing wrong….they should welcome the chance to clear their name………….


The Bidens should be turned over to Chinese & Ukranian justice systems since that is where the crimes were committed.

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