A tale of two climate change speeches: Greta Thunberg sounds a lot like another young activist from 1992 (Video)

(NationalSentinel) If you thought you had heard a lot of what young Swedish climate change activist Greta Thunberg said at the UN earlier this week as the Left exploited her for political power, you were right.

Much of what she said has already been said — decades ago, in fact — by another young climate change activist, Severn Cullis-Suzuki.

She addressed the world body in 1992. Not only did she echo some of the same global warming nonsense she’d been taught by POS Leftists, she also made some of the same appeals to the adults in the room: “Hey, you can’t do this to your kids.”

Granted, Cullis-Suzuki’s tone was not as strident or lecturing as was Thunberg’s, but the underlying points both kids made were essentially the same.

Which means that Leftist shitbags have been pushing this ‘human-caused climate change’ bullshit for decades now.

No wonder our kids’ minds are so poisoned with this nonsense.

Worse, it’ll take decades to teach these kids (as adults) that what they were told when they were young was completely false.

And since they were instructed to believe in ‘climate change’ as a religion, good luck with that.

Leftists are evil sons of bitches. Exploiting and scaring the shit out of children for political power.

(H/T @CalebJHall on Twitter)


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someone should find the original person and see what she thinks now about how she acted then - and everything is still moving forward not destroyed or final yet


The fact that they had to change the name of the concept from “Global warming” to “climate change” tells it all: the predicted temperature rise, sea level rise and ecosystem collapse didn’t happen. Oops! Better call it something else, something that nobody can argue with. Well, “climate” ALWAYS changes, sometimes over a few hundred years, sometimes thousands or millions of years, but it’s ALWAYS changing. And men and women can’t do a darn thing about it, one way or the other. But we sure can con folks into thinking that, and come up with a bogus taxation scheme to impoverish… Read more »


And people wonder why teen suicide has been on the rise for decades. When you constantly lie to them and tell them they are all going to die, a lot of them will believe it because they don’t have the experience to understand it is all a lie.

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