Booker, Harris attacking Joe Biden over race: Is that ALL they’ve got?

By Jon Dougherty

(NationalSentinel) Following the two 2020 Democratic presidential candidate debates this week, the minority candidates have taken to beating up on the party frontrunner, Joe Biden, over a curious issue: Race.

One of those candidates, Sen. Cory Booker, who ‘led’ Newark, N.J. into being one of the most dangerous cities in America, continued that line of attack on Sunday during a little-watched appearance on NBC‘s “Meet the Press.”

NBC reported:

Booker, who has been one of Biden’s most outspoken critics in the Democratic field in recent days, pointed to a handful of examples — Biden’s opposition to federally-mandated busing as a tool of desegregation in the 1970s, recent comments about his working relationship with senators who supported segregation, and his defense of the 1994 crime bill — to argue that the former vice president “is not doing a good job of bringing folks together.”

“Whoever our nominee is going to be, whoever our next president is going to be, really needs to be someone who can talk openly and honestly about race,” Booker said during an appearance on “Meet the Press.”

“I’m not sure if Joe Biden is up to that task given the way the last three weeks have played out.”

Meanwhile, Sen. Kamala Harris (California) also threw down the race card (isn’t she of Indian and Jamaican, not of African, descent?), attacking Biden over his past positions on segregation and busing (an issue from the 1970s).

Politico said the attack was ‘months’ in the making:

Her campaign had spent months fixated on Biden, whose support from black voters has kept him atop all of the early polls. They gamed out several scenarios in which she could use her personal story as a point of contrast with his decades-long record, including over his opposition to busing.

In the debate, Harris willed her way into the conversation about race and policing, calmly noting that as the only black person on the stage, she’d like to be heard. …

While walking through her planned exchange with Biden over busing, Harris’ campaign planned for a variety of answers from him, from contrition to a more measured approach to the more forceful denial of the position that he ended up giving — a stance that was called out by fact-checkers as untrue given his past quotes rejecting the wisdom of busing.

Harris herself ended up settling on a line that within minutes would appear in social media memes and just a few hours later would be screen printed on t-shirts selling for $29 on her website: “That little girl was me,” she said, of her desegregated class.

Well, perhaps it was — the jury is still out on that one. Regardless, as Quin Hillyer at the Washington Examiner noted, Harris was wrong about Biden’s busing and comments about working with segregationist lawmakers back in the day:

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First, Biden is right that Harris completely misrepresented comments he made about working with segregationist senators. Harris said Biden actually praised those segregationists. This is a flat-out lie. Biden said that despite his distaste for their politics, he found ways to work with them on other issues for the greater good of the American people. Most Americans recognize that he was right to do so. John Lewis recognizes it. And most understand his broader point, namely that it’s time for people in Washington to actually talk to each other and get things done.

Second, Harris went on an extended, impassioned bender criticizing Biden for having opposed federally mandated school busing in the 1970s. Fine. Let her attack him. Middle America hated forced busing, which is not and was not the same thing as desegregation. Forced busing, often for very long distances, broke communities apart, caused hardships for families required to get their children ready for school much earlier in the morning, and created a backlash on all sides of the political spectrum.

But even more than this, Booker and Harris have chosen to attack Biden over race — race — despite the fact that for eight years he was vice president to the first black president, Barack Obama.

If Biden was such a racist bigot, why did Obama choose him? And why weren’t these ‘issues’ aired in 2007 and 2008, before Obama won his first term?

As Hillyer noted, “it just doesn’t seem possible for people to believe Biden ever countenanced racism, in any way, shape, or form. It goes against his whole persona, and it also flies in the face of the fact that America’s first black president embraced him as his deputy.”

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True. But also, it makes Booker and Harris look petty and small using the well-worn ‘race card’ because obviously, they don’t have anything else to use against the party’s frontrunner.

If the eventual nominee is Booker or Harris, they’ll have to bring more than “he’s a racist!” to the debates with a very accomplished POTUS Donald Trump. He’s been called a racist for nearly three years now, and it isn’t any truer today than it was the first time Democrats used it. Or politically effective.

So good luck with that, Donkey Party nominee.

As for calling Biden out now for his ‘racism,’ well, that will play in certain far-Left circles. But we’re betting it won’t resonate even with a majority of Democrat voters.

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