White lib CNN host Camarota tries to ‘convince’ a black Trump voter racism is alive and well, but it doesn’t go over

By Jon Dougherty

(NationalSentinel) If CNN was trying to survive, financially speaking, off its U.S. operations alone, the network would have shuttered years ago. Thanks to CNN International, a propaganda broadcast targeting overseas audiences, the network manages to rake in enough revenue to allow its U.S. division to be its loss leader.

Viewership in the vital 25-54 demographic in the United States during any daypart is worse than dismal, it is pathetic.

But it is instructive to continue documenting why the network can’t draw a domestic audience: Trump Derangement Syndrome.

That was in full bloom again last week when “New Day” hostess Alisyn Camerota tried to essentially convince a black Trump voter that racism was far, far worse under his administration.

The program segment featured a panel of six Democratic voters; four of the panelists — two black men and two white men — voted for Trump in 2016. Of those four, both black men said they still support POTUS Trump (!) while both white men said they have remorse about their votes.

During a black panelist who did not vote for the president tried to claim that the black community has become “extremely fearful” due to all of the “injustices” allegedly taking place around the country under his watch, one of the other blacks, Darrell Wimbley, who did vote for the president, and continues to support him, became frustrated and shook his head.

As he did, Camarota asked why he disagreed.

“It just amazes me,” he said. “This is 2019. The race relations, and the way that we perceive, the way we say things are happening in this country — I don’t see it happening.”

Camarota countered with some ‘facts’ she claimed came from the Anti-Defamation League, a noted Left-wing organization, saying that racism is up under POTUS Trump.

Overall, “in terms of statistics, there has been an uptick in hate crimes,” she said (hopefully she wasn’t citing Jussie Smollett’s hoax as a ‘hate crime’ because hoaxes are up, too, under Trump).

“You can say that,” Wimbley responded. “I truly don’t believe it because I don’t see it. I can statistically say anything, but I don’t see it.”

When she cited the Anti-Defamation League, Wimbley went off.

“The Anti-Defamation League, the Southern Poverty Law Center — to me those are Democratic institutions that will say and manipulate anything,” he told Camerota.

“Racism is not a microaggression. Racism is something painful and hurtful, and when we take microaggressions and turn it into ‘the country is against black people,’ we’re literally slapping the people in the face that went through real racism.”

Camarota then applied the “Charlottesville” incident because apparently, that is the only example the Left can come up with.

“And did you see Charlottesville as a microaggression?” she asked Wimbley.

He said he saw the Charlottesville, Va., riots as “two groups of people that came to fight and do something bad.”

She then countered with, “Good people on both sides you saw?” — a debunked left-wing talking point claiming Trump called neo-Nazis at the deadly riots “good people.”

Wimbley wasn’t buying.

“I saw two groups of people that came together and fought,” he said with a little more force, “and both of them were equally wrong.”

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For the record, a Los Angeles Times’ transcript regarding Charlottesville indicates Trump actually said, “I’m not talking about the neo-Nazis and the white nationalists, because they should be condemned totally.”

This is what drives CNN‘s coverage: Phony issues, non-issues, and the fomenting of hate and division.

Is it any wonder no one watches?


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