By Jon Dougherty

(NationalSentinel) Remember when the Leftist establishment media, led by CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post and MSNBC went ballistic over the Trump administration “separating migrant families?” We do, of course, because it wasn’t that long ago.

Of course, the Trump administration’s ‘family separation policy’ was absolutely no different than the ‘family separation policy’ of Barack Obama, and that’s because of a federal court ruling known as the “Flores Agreement,” which did not allow parents and children to stay together after 20 days while their cases are adjudicated.

On Wednesday, the Trump administration moved to introduce new regulations to supplant the Flores Agreement because it is the right thing to do: Allow children of migrants to remain with their parents while cases are being examined by federal immigration courts.

You’d think that would make the Democrat media happy because, again, they’ve all been proclaiming that President Trump is the second coming of Adolph Hitler over the policy, which he actually ended last year (Obama never did).

But no. Since this new regulation is a Trump administration rule and since the Democrat establishment media’s modus operandi is to instinctively oppose everything that Trump does regardless, they’ve once again got their panties in a wad, led by none other than the king of fake news, CNN.

As The Daily Caller reports:

CNN anchor Jim Sciutto told viewers during the 10 am hour that the Flores agreement means families can be held a maximum of 20 days “in the facilities you see here.” The program then cut to a shot of an El Paso, Texas Border Patrol facility featuring migrants behind chain link fences and wearing foil blankets.

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The clear implication of the CNN segment was that the family units could now be detained in such Border Patrol facilities beyond 20 days with the new DHS rule.

However, the Flores agreement applies to ICE facilities, not facilities run by Border Patrol.

In fact, family units stay in Border Patrol facilities for a relatively short amount of time — hours or a few days, depending on various factors — before they are either released or transferred to an ICE family residential center.

“Right now families average less than four days from apprehension to release or transfer to ICE. That is a reasonable average at current flow levels and with current operational procedures in place,” a DHS official explained to the Caller.

The residential centers that children and their family members would actually stay in for the duration of their court proceedings look very different than the CNN segment suggested, containing various amenities and programs intended for long-term stays.

Put another way, CNN announced the new rules while featuring, in its report, B-roll that left viewers with the phony implication that families would be detained in miserable BP facilities instead of the ICE dormitories where they are actually being housed.

That helps CNN continue spreading the lie that children are still being held in “cages” when in fact, they aren’t.

The reality is migrant adults and kids are often caught in very remote sections of the border; they are taken to nearby facilities which, in most cases, means a bare-bones Customs and Border Protection holding area until they can be transferred to ICE detention.

But because Democrats refuse to work with the Trump administration and Republicans to fix asylum loopholes and other problems with current immigration law, their media allies are free to tell any story they want without any regard for the truth. Because…agenda.

Bottom line: The Democrat Left simply want open borders, period. That’s how the party sees its future: Import enough voters for a perpetual electoral majority.

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