Judicial Watch probing former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine for allegedly ordering the monitoring of pro-Trump figures and journalists (Video)

(TNS) Why the Trump Justice Department hasn’t put Judicial Watch on the payroll yet with orders to “just go keep doing what you’re doing,” we don’t know. Maybe it’s a paperwork thing.

Then again, if Judicial Watch fell under control of the douchebags who ‘manage’ the deep state, the government watchdog would never have been able to uncover all shit that Obama and his band of criminals have done to our institutions.

Ever since the deep state tried to make the Obama administration’s Ukraine bullshit President Trump’s latest “scandal,” JW has been working to uncover the truth behind how the previous administration used Ukraine as a piggybank while further exposing Kiev to Russian aggression.

And now, JW has found another major piece of the puzzle, as One America News is reporting: Ousted Ukrainian Ambassador Marie Yavanovitch allegedly ordered the monitoring of journalists and people with close ties to President Trump.

This Obama holdover piece of shit was recently called to provide secret ‘testimony’ on behalf of House Democrats who are attempting to frame Trump with threatening to withhold military aid from Ukraine if the government didn’t give him “dirt” on the Bidens.

One of those on her list was OANN’s Jack Prosobiec, who discussed JW’s findings.

It’s become clear to anyone with the ability to reason: Obama rolled over and allowed himself and his administration to become bitches for the deep state, allowing them to do whatever the fuck they wanted with our country.


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Judicial Watch probing former U.S. amb. to Ukraine for monitoring of pro-Trump figures, journos | Headline of the Day
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