Newsweek hack provides 100 percent proof the mainstream media just makes stuff up about Trump as they go along

(TNS) In another time, if a reporter got a story so spectacularly wrong because he/she failed to do even basic research to corroborate facts, they would have been fired without hesitation and lucky to ever work in the industry again.

But the Trump presidency has changed that dynamic or, rather, “Trump Derangement Syndrome” has changed it.

No longer are journalists in the Garbage Party’s ‘mainstream media’ even required by editors to do basic fact checks before filing ‘news’ stories about this president.

Literally, it’s the journalistic equivalent of the “anything goes” doctrine.

On Thursday while most Americans were enjoying Thanksgiving Day with their families, Newsweek’s Jessica Kwong was writing a piece disparaging President Trump for daring to relax a bit on a holiday by “playing golf and tweeting.”

In fact, the president was enroute to Afghanistan to help feed at least some U.S. military personnel a Thanksgiving dinner.

Did Kwong eat some humble pie? Did her editors fire her on the spot for being so spectacularly wrong? No and no.

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She tweeted out a weak mea culpa as though failing to do basic research for an article was just an “honest mistake.”

Gee whiz, guys, oopsie! Sorry!

We get operational security involving presidential travel, but as one person pointed out, reporters aren’t supposed to just make stuff up out of thin air.


In a normal world, Kwong would be looking for a job this morning. Trump hate doesn’t excuse lousy journalism and factually incorrect reporting.

No wonder more Americans have virtually no trust in the ‘mainstream’ media.

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Kwong got it wrong, plays it off like a retard.

Go back to your country of origin and try crap like that you sniveling twatfish.


Newsweek can fold its tent like WaPo, Hufpo, and NYimes. Fake news is going out of style.

The Prisoner

That was a dishonest mistake. She’s immature. And, Newsweek readers demonstrate the principle of garbage in garbage out. We could show the readers mistake after mistake in Newsweek and it would make no difference to the gullible people, they are hooked on junk news.

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