(National Sentinel) Hoax Money: The National Science Foundation will spend about $3 million on a study seeking ways to make Americans consume less food, water, and energy to become more like the Netherlands, due to alleged “climate change.”

As reported by the Washington Free Beacon, researchers at the Michigan Technological University will try to find ways to “change people’s behavior” over fears that current behaviors are contributing to global warming.

The study, which was awarded and funded in the final year of President Obama’s administration, will use “interactive role-playing activities” to instruct families about how to consume less of everything.


“Changing people’s behavior may be the hardest part of mitigating climate change,” the university said when announcing the grant. “But a research team led by Michigan Technological University wants to find a way to do just that.”

The study is developing a “Household Metabolism Tracker” that can monitor how much energy and water Americans consume.

“Changes in household-level actions in the U.S. have the potential to reduce rates of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and climate change by reducing consumption of food, energy and water (FEW),” according to the grant for the study. “This project will identify potential interventions for reducing household FEW consumption, test options in participating households in two communities, and collect data to develop new environmental impact models.”

The study makes the claim that the research produced will “increase the well-being of individuals at the household level” as it encourages Americans to eat less and use less electricity, while simultaneously reducing “climate-related risks” and increasing “economic competitiveness.”

In his final National Security Strategy, Obama named climate change as a principal threat to the U.S.

President Donald J. Trump, who will announce his strategy on Monday, will reportedly remove climate change as a major national security threat.

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