(TNS) Hosts and correspondents on CNN are constantly attacking Fox News because they can’t keep up with the cable news powerhouse in terms of viewers, simple as that.

And why? Because CNN is full of Trump-hating sycophants with zero journalistic integrity and a penchant for airing and publishing news that is false and/or intentionally misleading.

Network chief Jeff Zucker decided long ago to put all of the network’s eggs in the #TrumpHate basket, and it backfired big time, as evidenced by the fact that there is hardly anything viewership at all during some day parts.

But alas, these idiots refuse to learn from their mistakes, as evidenced by the fact that they not only hired a propagandist like Brian Stelter, they continue to keep him on the payroll no matter how nonsensical his contributions to the network’s content.

Take this weekend, for example.

Stelter sent out a tweet ‘observing’ that the two cable news broadcasters with the highest concentration of Left-wing lunatics — his and MSNBC — were laser-focused on “Trump impeachment,” as though it’s a real thing and as though the president has really committed serious “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

Meanwhile, Stelter noted that Fox News was ignoring that ‘huge story’ and instead focused on marketing its new conservative streaming network, Fox Nation.

Hey, Brian…at least Fox News has something profitable to market.

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But wait, there’s more.

This, after Stelter spent part of his program Sunday spell-checking President Trump’s tweets.

Not even kidding.

Not only is Stelter laser-focused on the nation-changing subject of presidential spelling, but throwing in the adjective “absurd” proves again that CNN isn’t a hard news network but is instead a Democratic propaganda outlet (one of many).

This is CNN: A massive joke that everyone except them gets.

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