(TNS) When Barack Obama was president, there was seldom a year that went by when he didn’t commit some sort of impeachable offense.

Lying about what happened in the Fast and Furious gunrunning scandal and then obstructing justice when Congress attempted to investigate it alone was impeachable. But so, too, was empowering the IRS to go after conservative organizations, implementing DACA by executive order, and lying about Obamacare.

Then, of course, there was Obama’s role in launching “Spygate.”

Speaking of which, the target of the Spygate scandal, President Trump, has done nothing wrong — except win an election and in doing so defeating the establishment’s preferred candidate, the very corrupt unindicted co-conspirator Hillary Clinton.

So to see the same Garbage Party that ignored Obama’s serial abuses of power pretend like Trump is the one who has committed impeachable offenses is laughable — or it would be if it weren’t so serious.

But after two weeks’ worth of ‘impeachment hearings’ featuring ‘witnesses’ who presented hearsay evidence, were easily refuted by Republican lawmakers, and exposed as Democrat partisans and hacks, the public’s support for deposing President Trump has tanked to the point where Garbage Party lawmakers are backing away from impeachment as fast as they can.

George W. Bush’s press secretary, Ari Fleischer, pointed out Monday evening in response to an article from the Washington Examiner’s Jason Miller that Democrats’ way out of this is to simply ‘censure’ the president and be done with impeachment.

But will they? Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume pointed out that Democrats’ biggest problem in backing down from trying to impeach an innocent president is the expectations they built up among their perpetually deranged, angry, and psychotic voter base.

The problem with building cases based on lies is that eventually those lies are exposed and the people you’ve been lying to get angry over being played.

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And Democrats, as well as their propagandists in the mainstream media, have been playing and lying to their supporters and viewers the entire time President Trump has been in the White House.

The last thing the Garbage Party wants, or should want, is to impeach Trump and send this to the GOP-controlled Senate — where all the evidence exonerating the president will bury any hope of conviction.

While that loss for Democrats won’t peel away all of their support, it should anger enough Independents who will pull the lever for president next November.

Then goodbye control of the House and hello Trump reelection.

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