By Duncan Smith

Sen. Rob Portman, a nominal Republican from Ohio, has had enough.

He’s leaving the chamber.

Portman announced last month he won’t seek reelection in 2022. Congress is too partisan; there isn’t enough compromise.

The left is too left, and the right is definitely too right.

So he’s out.

But in an interview with Clinton bagman and strategist-turned-pretend media guy George Stephanopoulos on Sunday, Portman let the cat out of the bag about what’s really bugging him and the rest of the RINO class.

Donald Trump’s continued popularity among his supporters — who loved his policies.

'Well, he's very popular among Republicans and the polling shows that. I do think that the policies are what's even more popular,' Portman said in response to Stephanopoulos’ baited question, which went something like, ‘Gee, how come Trump isn’t the most reviled man on the planet by every American?’

'And that's why Republicans actually did pretty well in 2020, other than the presidential level is, you know, not a single House Republican lost, in fact, 15 seats were picked up in that House. … We did better in the Senate than was expected, we picked up some statehouses,' Portman added.

Why did all of that happen?

Because Trump’s voters knew he gave a damn about them. In reality, Trump cared for all Americans and wanted everyone to succeed, even people who didn’t vote for him.

But that’s his allure, that is his draw; and that’s why his supporters don’t give to dumps about what his detractors say about him or try to accuse him of doing. 

They’re going to stay with him, period. And his policies. Even Portman, not necessarily a Trump guy, admits that.

And it’s why the RINO class hates him — and his supporters — so much.

Trump embarrassed them every day by exposing them as phonies. 

When he enacted policies they had been espousing for decades, they hated on him even more.

Go figure. Except that we can’t.

What is important to note is that the GOP doesn’t really belong to the RINOs anymore. Their days are numbered, and they know it.

That’s what Portman’s getting out and it’s why Lindsey Graham has become such a Trump ally.

And all of that is good news for genuine conservatives.

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