By Duncan Smith

Talk about political retribution…

Under President Donald Trump, U.S. borders have seldom been more secure.

Between the construction of a wall, stepped-up enforcement, and agreements with other countries to take in migrants, border security has been far better than it was in previous decades.

But all of that is about to change, as in, go away.

Joe Biden (we refuse to call him “president” because he didn’t win) will no doubt re-implement the corporate-desired policies of open borders while at the same time exacting political retribution on members of Trump’s immigration enforcement apparatus for daring to serve in a presidential administration and serve our country.

Breitbart News has more:

President-Elect Joe Biden said he will ensure there is a 'thorough investigation' by the Justice Department into officials of President Donald Trump's administration who crafted and carried out the 'Zero Tolerance' policy at the United States-Mexico border to deter illegal immigration.

During a press conference on January 8, Biden committed to having the Justice Department open an investigation into Trump officials who carried out the Zero Tolerance policy through which adult border crossers entered separate custody from the children they arrived at the southern border with.

The practice, as Breitbart News noted, has been employed since before 2001, though the Trump administration ended the effort in June 2018.

'I'll commit that our Justice Department, our investigative arms, will make judgments about who is responsible … and whether or not the conduct is criminal across the board,' Biden said. 'But as I said yesterday, I am not going to tell the Justice Department who they should prosecute and who they should not.'

'There will be a thorough, thorough investigation of who is responsible and whether or not their responsibility is criminal, and if that is the [conclusion], the Attorney General will make that judgment,' Biden continued.

Yeah, right.

And oh, by the way, who first used cages to house immigrant children?

That would be the Obama-Biden administration, lest anyone forget.

Biden and his Democrat Party are not going to be satisfied with just taking over the reins of government.

They want to punish President Trump and his administration the way Confederate lawmakers and states were punished after the Civil War.

Understand something: THERE WILL BE NO UNITY under Biden.

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