Cuomo as Trump: NY Gov says he’s not sure closing all businesses, keeping everyone home ‘was best strategy’ for COVID-19

Words are cheap at this point, though the economic cure won't be

By Tank Murdoch @TheNatSent

(TNS) There’s a crack forming in the big blue wall of opposition to President Donald Trump’s increasingly likely decision to end many of the social distancing restrictions and business closures he called for earlier this month.

Andrew Cuomo, Democratic governor of New York and frequent critic of the president, is now sounding a lot like fellow NY native Trump.

On Thursday, as reports began to surface that the president was likely to issue changes to his early “15 Days to Slow the Spread” coronavirus guidelines, Cuomo admitted that shutting down his state — closing businesses and ordering people to stay home — wasn’t “the best public strategy.”

You think?

Fox News reports:

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Thursday that his stay-at-home order for the entirety of New York State was “probably not the best public health strategy.”

In a press conference in Albany, Cuomo said the smartest way forward would be a public health strategy that complemented a “get-back-to-work strategy.”

“What we did was we closed everything down. That was our public health strategy. Just close everything, all businesses, old workers, young people, old people, short people, tall people,” said Cuomo. “Every school closed, everything.”

“If you rethought that or had time to analyze that public health strategy, I don’t know that you would say quarantine everyone,” Cuomo admitted. “I don’t even know that that was the best public health policy. Young people then quarantined with older people was probably not the best public health strategy because the younger people could have been exposing the older people to an infection.”

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Cuomo stressed the need for both public health and economic growth — which is exactly right (and we believe that’s the same sheet of music President Trump is on). “We have to do both,” said the governor. “We’re working on it.”

The NY governor also referencing the shockingly high 3.3. million unemployment filings this week stemming from mass layoffs due to state leaders ordering businesses closed ostensibly to curb the virus’ spread.

Cuomo called the news a  “terrible, frightening feeling for everyone.”

Damn right.

“This is going to form a new generation and transform who we are. You are not alone. Nobody is alone,” Cuomo assured the millions who are now out of work due to the pandemic.

Thanks, but words are cheap at this point, though the economic cure won’t be: $2 trillion, we’re told, is about to be spent by Congress to fund economic recovery.

That’s fine insofar as it goes, but paying businesses to remain closed isn’t a growth solution. They have to be selling something to produce economic growth, and they can’t do with their doors closed and workers idle at home.

It could also be that, increasingly, state leaders (and the president) are coming to believe they were duped by a group of Left-wing Marxists who formed a website called “COVID Act Now,” which cited coronavirus spread data from Imperial College London that has since been widely criticized and debunked by scientists as seriously inaccurate.

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And who is behind COVID Act Now? The Federalist notes:

Founders of the site include Democratic Rep. Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins and three Silicon Valley tech workers and Democratic activists — Zachary Rosen, Max Henderson, and Igor Kofman — who are all also donors to various Democratic campaigns and political organizations since 2016. Henderson and Kofman donated to the Hillary Clinton campaign in 2016, while Rosen donated to the Democratic National Committee, recently resigned Democratic Rep. Katie Hill, and other Democratic candidates. Prior to building the COVID Act Now website, Kofman created an online game designed to raise $1 million for the eventual 2020 Democratic candidate and defeat President Trump. The game’s website is now defunct.

Perhaps the goal of COVID Act Now was never to provide accurate information, but to scare citizens and government officials into to implementing rash and draconian measures. The creators even admit as much with the caveat that “this model is designed to drive fast action, not predict the future.”

If so, that is criminal and should be actionable. Meantime, it appears as though Cuomo and other state leaders are getting ready to revitalize their economies, which will revitalize the country.


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It’s funny that the NIH, CDC and the one zillion other government health departments didn’t see total cloistering as actually spreading the COVID instead of containing it.
Older people and those with serious health issues are the ones who should be ‘quarantined’, not the entire society. The more people that get a mild version of the WuHu Flu, the less likely it will start up again after the Summer.

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