Watch: ‘Climate change’ protesters prove they don’t give a rat’s … about people who have to work for a living

(NationalSentinel) One of the best things about America is that our Constitution recognizes and protects basic rights that ought to be available to everyone in every country.

One of those is the right to protest, to demonstrate, and speak out against government policies without fear of being thrown into a deep, dark dungeon somewhere for years and years. Or worse.

But just because we have the right of redress in America does not give people the right to be shitheads and impede others who are trying to get to work so they can earn a living.

And of course, wouldn’t you know it, the “tolerant” Left are the ones most responsible for being these kinds of shitheads.

Katrina Haydon of The Daily Caller recently tried to discuss this issue with a group of “climate change” protesters who were blocking traffic one recent morning.

She specifically asked why these assholes thought they had the right to block people from getting to work and how pissing people off was going to win converts to their cause.

One white guy went full racist ‘tard suggesting that poor people of color would have no problems getting to work because they are riding mass transit because they can’t afford a car … or something like that … so they aren’t being blocked by his fellow climate change protesting shitheads.

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These people claim to care so much about everyone. They don’t give a damn about anyone but themselves and their climate change ‘religion.’


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They should be protesting at 0bama’s new beach house the purchase of which shows all of this to be a lie.

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