Lengthy Senate, FBI investigation into Kavanaugh accusations finds ‘NO EVIDENCE’ to back claims — again

(National SentinelCleared: After another lengthy investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, investigators with the Senate Judiciary Committee and the FBI could once again find no evidence to substantiate the claims which were made by several women.

In a letter to Senate Republicans on Friday, Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, said more than 40 people were interviewed as investigators monitored social media and reviewed evidence that had been provided by Kavanaugh and his accusers.

Fox News reported that the 414-page report noted, “Following the separate and extensive investigations by both the Committee and the FBI, there was no evidence to substantiate any of the claims of sexual assault made against Justice Kavanaugh.

The network noted further:

The sexual misconduct allegations came during the committee’s hearings to decide whether Kavanaugh, whom President Trump nominated in July to succeed retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy, would be confirmed. Kavanaugh’s nomination set off a battle between Republicans, most of whom defended the judge, and Democrats, who pushed for a large-scale investigation into the women’s allegations.

Among those questioned, the report said, were Mark Judge, PJ Smyth, and Leland Keyser, the three individuals whom accuser Christine Blasey Ford claimed were present in the house when Kavanaugh allegedly threw her on a bed and sexually assaulted her sometime in the 1980s.

The report was released after Grassley made at least three criminal referrals to the FBI and Justice Department for porn lawyer Michael Avenatti, his client Julie Swetnick, and Judy Munro-Leighton.

“Indeed, the evidence appears to support the position that Julie Swetnick and Mr. Avenatti criminally conspired to make materially false statements to the Committee and obstruct the Committee’s investigation,” the report says.

The investigation also found no evidence whatsoever that Justice Kavanaugh did anything wrong — just like six previous FBI investigations.

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Grassley is repeating the same things he has done before with the DOJ. He wants investigations, he wants documents, and when he does not get them, he shuts up. A real leader would demand action.

It was Grassley who let the smearing get out of control, now he attempts to compensate for his inaction by expecting others to acts. There will be no risks taken by himself.

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