Wow: Leftist Democrats HAMMER Pelosi when she hesitates on Trump’s coronavirus cash to American families

Once again, President Trump is six moves ahead of Democrats on a critically important issue

By Tank Murdoch

(TNS) Yes, the Trump hate is deep with this one — so much so that she even managed to exasperate and anger her normally deranged Left-wing base.

Leftist Democrats took to social media in droves Wednesday when it appeared that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-California) was hesitating to sign off on President Donald Trump’s $250 billion proposal to begin sending coronavirus relief checks to Americans within a few weeks.

What’s more, the fact that the Trump administration and Republicans proposed the idea in the first place has angered Leftists even more.

“We are the wealthiest nation in human history, and have the lowest borrowing costs of any major government on the planet, and thus, can easily afford to contain the pandemic and keep our people well provisioned simultaneously,” Eric Levitz wrote in a New York Magazine article on Tuesday.

“All we need is for Congress to overcome its superstitions about deficits, and supply the economy with the many trillions of dollars in stimulus that even many center-right economists say we need,” he added.

Earlier in the day Wednesday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) vowed to keep the chamber in session until a COVID-19 relief package was passed and ready to send to the president (which happened).

The Washington Post reported:

On Tuesday, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin told congressional Republicans that the White House was putting together a package that would send out $250 billion in checks by the end of April, though they would be means-tested to some degree, meaning wealthier families wouldn’t get them.

“We’re going to deliver assistance,” Mnuchin said Wednesday, as USA Features News reported. “The president has said: Let’s think big,” adding that Trump has a “whatever-it-takes” attitude.


“Pelosi’s Deputy Chief of Staff, Drew Hammill, indicated that she was not completely on board after Politico reported that a former economic adviser to President Barack Obama had floated the idea to Democrats last week but Pelosi ‘shot down the suggestion saying she didn’t want to write checks to millionaires,'” BizPacReview’s Freida Powers notes.

Oops. Looks like a clear-cut case of Trump Derangement Syndrome, whereby those afflicted reflexively oppose anything the president says, does, or proposes.

Cue the Left-wing outrage, only this time it was directed at one of their own.

Jamelle Bouie of The New York Times proceeded to ask “why” this was the case for Pelosi.

“If we agree that the crisis is stark and immediate, and we know that precise targeting takes time and administrative effort, why make that a requirement when you can simply disburse the funds *now* and collect from high-income recipients *later*?” she noted.

I truly don’t know how to describe how maddening it is that Republicans and Trump officials are to the left of Congressional Dem leadership on this issue,” activist Jordan Uhl tweeted Wednesday.

“Nancy Pelosi is officially to the right of Tom Cotton on economic support for American families,” HuffPost reporter Zach Carter tweeted on Sunday. “This is a total failure of Democratic Party leadership.”


Liberal writer Walker Bragman found the whole thing…”baffling.”

Soon, the glorious #PeopleVsPelosi hashtag began trending on Twitter, and the outrage mob turned even harder on one of their own, joined by some Trump supporters as well.

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Once again, President Trump is six moves ahead of Democrats on a critically important issue, while they stumble over their Trump hate.



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Not crazy about Government cutting checks. I never got bailed out of any crisis in my life. Never took a dollar in unemployment either. If people or businesses fail during a crisis, that’s on you. There are risk associated with life. We have enough social welfare programs —they don’t work either.


Hag Nancy is just pissed because she makes too much money and won’t get any.

um Impeachment While Virus Was Threatening Globe
um Impeachment While Virus Was Threatening Globe

…Dems. If you pigs think America is going to ‘ unite ‘ with you and that pig tearing up the speech…you pigs have got another thing coming… forever’

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