Deep State panic: Intel officers reportedly implore CIA Director Haspel to ‘protect Ukraine whistleblower’ from Trump

(TNS) The deep state continues to panic as President Trump’s administration gets closer to exposing them for what they have tried to do: Depose him.

Operatives are reportedly imploring CIA Director Gina Haspel (center, above) to “protect” ‘he who must not be named’ — the Ukraine “whistleblower,” whose identity everyone already knows because investigative reporter Paul Sperry identified him last week.

NBC News reported:

As President Donald Trump and his allies continue to denounce the CIA whistleblower whose complaint led to an impeachment investigation, pressure is building on the spy agency’s director, Gina Haspel, to take a stand on the matter, current and former intelligence officials tell NBC News.

“It will be incumbent on her to protect the whistleblower — and by extension, the organization — moving forward,” Marc Polymeropoulos, a recently retired CIA officer who oversaw operations in Europe and Russia, said in an interview. “This is a seminal moment for her leadership, and I’m confident she will do the right thing.”

Because the so-called “mainstream media” is really nothing more than a propaganda outlet for the deep state and the Garbage Party, our first instinct, always, is to take such reports with a grain of salt. The establishment media’s objective isn’t to inform, especially when it comes to President Trump: Its objective is to play its standard role in destroying him.

But if the report is true, then let’s examine what’s playing out here.

Understand that this is a coup attempt, first and foremost. Among fair-minded people, this isn’t even a discussion anymore. There is a “deep state,” and it’s the same institution that took out John F. Kennedy back in the day, albeit, of course, with different players.

If ‘they’ could ‘JFK’ President Trump, don’t think for a nanosecond that they wouldn’t.

Also, Haspel runs the CIA, sure, but the CIA is an intelligence agency, of course, and all intelligence/counterintelligence is done on behalf of the president. As noted by American Foreign Relations:

One reason alone justifies the existence of the CIA, despite the many objections made about it: this organization provides presidents and their top officials with a source of information independent of the government departments responsible for actions. …

In short, the separation of intelligence from policy has always been imperfect and waxes and wanes depending on the president, his policy proclivities, and the constellation of senior officials surrounding the chief executive.

So this ‘appeal’ for an ‘independent’ Haspel to “protect” a whistleblower is nothing more than a public relations stunt. The intel community serves the president, not the other way around.

Think: Did former CIA Director John Brennan act counter to Barack Obama’s wishes? Of course not; he carried out Obama’s instructions to the letter when he [allegedly] kicked off the Spygate operation.

Brennan told NBC News:

Other leaders of the Intelligence Community should privately oppose any attempt to name the whistleblower. Senator Paul’s appalling call for the naming of the whistleblower by the media should be denounced in the strongest terms possible; a statement signed by the heads of all the intelligence agencies would be most appropriate.

Brennan is full of it. Intel community leaders can’t “privately” or publicly “oppose” the president of the United States, period. They work for him.

Again, this is all a publicity stunt to convince uninformed Americans that none of the Executive Branch agencies, especially the intelligence community, are answerable to the president first and foremost. They are.

Any call by members of the deep state intel community for Haspel to defy the president is out-and-out sedition. Not only that, but this little Democrat staffer “whistleblower” — allegedly Eric Ciaramella, according to investigative reporter Paul Sperry — isn’t even a whistleblower in the statutory sense.

We are literally witnessing the greatest power struggle in the history of our republic. The last time Americans elected a president who defied the deep state, we lost him to assassins. We fear constantly that if the deep state can’t depose Trump politically, they’ll resort to ‘other’ more drastic measures.

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JFK.jr too.

Sad our tax dollars pay the salaries of those who would try and overthrow the US Government.

The sooner traitors are hanged, the faster America heals. Full disclosure on 09/11 and NASA. We want it all!

The Prisoner
The Prisoner

The pajama boy fake “whistleblower” has leaked fake stories to the media before, fore example, he said Trump fired Comey because Putin said to. And he still works in government!

Book Em Dano
Book Em Dano

These sons and daughters of bitches purposely hobbling a duly elected president should be executed by anti aircraft gun firing squad like Kim Jung Un does to asshole traitors.

After a fair trial of course.


Sentence them to three months at Metropolitan Correctional Center in Lower Manhattan.

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