By Jon Dougherty

No doubt that Republican lawmakers in Alabama knew full well when they passed legislation that essentially criminalizes most abortion procedures in the state that the law would very quickly be challenged by Left-wing groups fixated on murdering the unborn.

Also, they no doubt understood that the insane Left — in Washington, in Hollywood, and other liberal bastions around the country — would lose their minds over the legislation because they view abortion not simply as a “constitutional” right but as a religion.

The legal challenge hasn’t happened just yet but the outrage has already begun. And lost in all of the gnashings of teeth and gutter talk that passes for ‘debate’ on cultural garbage cans like Twitter is the fact that nation’s preeminent abortion mill is very likely a racist organization.

At least, that’s according to Planned Parenthood founder, ‘Eugenicist’ Margaret Sanger and a conservative African-American organization that has lashed out at the group for targeting poor black neighborhoods.

The Douglass Leadership Institute — a pro-life, pro-free-market and pro-limited-government educational and policy group — is upset with Planned Parenthood for its decision to open a new clinic in a poor, mostly black neighborhood in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The institute, working in conjunction with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg minority clergy community, made its concerns known about the opening of the clinic in the Cherry Hill district, which will be the only Planned Parenthood location in the city providing abortions rather than referrals, according to The Christian Post.

“Planned Parenthood has a long and well-documented history of targeting minority populations,” Dean Nelson, DLI chairman and national outreach director for the Human Coalition, told The Western Journal via email. “This agenda goes back to Planned Parenthood’s founder, Margaret Sanger, whose life’s work was to eradicate all individuals and groups she considered ‘unfit’ to live.”

“Today, in Charlotte and across the country, Planned Parenthood works to carry on Sanger’s eugenic legacy by placing abortion centers in and around minority neighborhoods and even fear-mongering to minority communities that it is safer for a Black woman to abort than to carry her child to term,” Nelson said.

The Charlotte Observer reported the new facility, which is scheduled to open in July, plans to double the spaces for services it offers at the existing facility.

By any measure, PP’s abortion model is ‘successful.’ Officials told The Observer that it performs more than 3,300 abortions for women from Mecklenburg County (which includes Charlotte) each year and as well as an additional 4,700 from surrounding counties.

“No doubt aware that Charlotte residents would oppose Planned Parenthood targeting its communities and killing its children, the abortion behemoth inserted itself into the city quietly and deceptively,” Nelson said in a statement to The Christian Post. “This deceptive and murky behavior is exactly what the nation has come to expect from the corrupt organization.”

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“Charlotte deserves better,” Nelson said. “People of goodwill will not stand by and allow Planned Parenthood to brazenly normalize aborting children and exploiting women.

“We urge the ministerial community and community leaders that support children and families to oppose Planned Parenthood’s expansion and to help inform women that there is support available from community organizations and pregnancy support clinics like Human Coalition.”

Other black leaders are equally appalled at PP’s targeting of their communities.

Leslie Monet — leader of the Family Life Campaign for the Church of God in Christ, one of the largest African-American-majority denominations in the country — said Planned Parenthood is engaging in an “assault on our children and families.”

“The expansion of the center is a part of a devastating strategy that Planned Parenthood is deploying, placing mega abortion facilities in urban communities that are within walking distance of minority neighborhoods throughout the country,” Monet said in a statement to The Christian Post. “It is part of their operational strategy to place these abortion mills in our communities, and we will not tacitly accept being targeted in this manner.”

According to the most recent statistics, black women have more than 36 percent of abortions nationwide, which is slightly less than white women at 39.6 percent.

However, African-Americans make up only about 13.4 percent of the population versus 76.6 percent for whites.

Abortions obtained by black women in Mecklenburg County is even higher, at approximately 54 percent.

Needless to say, the abortion Left isn’t concerned about the grotesque racial disparity.

As for abortion being a constitutional right, the Supreme Court has been wrong before, especially when it came to blacks.

At one time, a majority of the high court thought slavery was just ducky.

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