Wow: Canadian province passes ‘Trump-like’ bill stressing migrant SKILLS, forcing thousands to reapply

By Jon Dougherty

(NationalSentinel) When President Donald Trump proposed a merit-based immigration reform plan earlier this year (see our video report on that below), he was, of course, widely mocked and derided by the Washington establishment media and the statist pundit class as a caveman and a bigot.

Of course, the president’s real ‘sin’ when he makes such proposals is that he’s offending the sensibilities of the establishment class, all of whom have been propagandized by Left-wing Ivy League professors who believe America is the real problem in the world, not the benevolent superpower, and as such, should never, ever adopt “America first” policies.

But that thinking runs counter to President Trump’s thinking, of course, as evidenced by his 2016 campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again,” and his 2020 reelection slogan, “Keep America Great! Promises Made, Promises Kept.”

And yet, other countries believe in the same principle when it comes to immigration policy — that those who seek entry should bring something of value with them, like skills, so that citizens do not have to support them with their taxes.

Like Canada.

As reported by Agence France Presse, lawmakers in the province of Quebec on Sunday adopted a bill that emphasizes migrant/immigrant skills as a major consideration for entry, forcing thousands of them to reapply.

And lo and behold, it’s a plan that is very ‘Trump-like’ in its requirements:

The Quebec provincial legislature on Sunday approved a controversial immigration bill that will replace a first-come, first-served standard for accepting migrants with one tied to an applicants’ skills.

The law is similar to a proposed plan from US President Donald Trump that would shift his country’s visa system from family-based immigration towards bringing in more skilled workers.

The law will attempt to more closely match the skills offered by would-be immigrants with the needs of the labor market in Quebec, Canada’s second most-populous province.

Under the new law, some 18,000 applications now on file will be shredded, affecting as many as 50,000 people, many of whom already live in the province.

The 18,000 existing applicants will have to restart the immigration process.

The provincial government promised to expedite processing of their new applications, saying qualified workers would have answers within six months rather than the current 36 months.

The 62-to-42 vote on the bill took place around 4 am (0800 GMT) at the end of a marathon session convened by the governing center-right Coalition Avenir Quebec, immigration minister Simon Jolin-Barrette announced on Twitter.

“We are modifying the immigration system in the public interest because we have to ensure we have a system which meets the needs of the labor market,” Jolin-Barrette told the National Assembly.

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Left-wing political parties hated the bill, of course, because you can’t usher in a Marxist revolution without scores of peasants who are reliant on the government for their every need. In that respect, the Canadian Left is very much like the American Left, embodied in the ‘Open Borders’ Democrat Party.

Like tens of millions of Americans, many Canadians are also beginning to feel like the country’s generosity regarding migrants has been taken advantage of. They are right, of course.

And how very ‘Trump-like’ of them to think so.


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  1. its about time someone is using some common sense.

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