Rep. Collins on Dem impeachment effort: ‘This is exactly what the founding fathers warned against’ (Video)

(TNS) Rep. Doug Collins said Monday that Democrats are seeking a “political impeachment” against President Donald Trump, not one based on actual ‘high crimes and misdemeanors,’ and that’s something “our founding fathers warned against.”

Appearing on Fox News with host Martha McCallum, the Georgia Republican fielded questions about how Republicans planned to address a spate of ‘impeachment inquiry’ witnesses Democrats planned to call beginning Tuesday.

“I’m beginning to wonder, what are the witnesses actually in this for,” Collins noted.

“There’s becoming this movement around these hearings and those who are so desperately wanting to get this president, so desperately wanting to find something wrong, that they’re willing to just build this narrative around” innuendo, false accusations, and hearsay.

McCallum noted that some Republicans are upset that House GOP colleagues who have the opportunity to question the witnesses are not pushing them harder to reveal their policy differences with President Trump.

“I think that’s what you’re seeing, I think these questions are being asked, but you’re not seeing them being asked in a way that” generates headlines, Collins responded.

He also noted that among questions Republicans have asked of witnesses who have appeared thus far is whether they believe the president broke any laws or violated the Constitution in his dealings with Ukraine. “The answer is ‘no,'” Collins pointed out.

McCallum said that Democrats are pursuing “a legal question” but rather “a political question.”

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“If you want to go into that, then we’ve got a bigger problem here,” Collins responded. “This is what the founding fathers actually warned us against was a political impeachment in which you just go after him because you don’t like him or you don’t like his politics.

“This is a problem we have to face, and the American people need to see this clearly for what it is,” he continued, noting that House Intelligence Committee Chairman is “controlling the questions because he wants one side out.”


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It’s an act of war act against the 63,000,000 people that voted for President Trump. They are trying to overthrow our government, and a duly elected President!

It’s obvious — hang ’em all damnit!

Annette Howell
Annette Howell

I don’t understand how the democrats are getting away with this?!!! I can’t watch, listen or read any of it. It’s literally making me sick!

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