By Duncan Smith

The Biden regime isn’t going to let go of their COVID fear porn.

They’re addicted. They love the power it allows them to wield.

Take the ridiculous federal mask mandate.

See Joe Biden above?

He’s been vaccinated for COVID-19. Plus he’s outside and there’s literally no one around him.

But there this moron is, dutifully wearing a mask because…well, we know why.

There is no medical or scientific reason to wear a mask if you’ve a) had the coronavirus; or b) been vaccinated.


Yes, a couple people seem to have been reinfected. But they are way in the minority (kind of like kids getting COVID; they don’t).

And yet, Joe Biden’s handlers just ordered him to extend the federal mask mandate until September…because they can.

Trending Politics has more:

Now that he has been in the White House for over three months, it is brutally obvious that Joe Biden's tenure as the nation's president is going to be unlike any who came before him and that there is now an oppressive 'new normal' firmly in place.

Biden had initially proposed a 100-day 'mask challenge' as a component of his regime's policies to manage the coronavirus, but in all reality they *never* going away.

Not only do Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and president-in-waiting Kamala Harris constantly appear with their menacing black masks splayed across their faces, but they are determined to force the masks on every American that they currently have the power to control.

So on Friday, the announcement came down that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) would be extending the mandatory mask orders though at least mid-September.

The mandate, which will apply to all passengers from ages two years old and up, restricts freedom on all airplanes, inside of airports, on railways, waterways, and buses.

This is spot-on: The regime isn’t going to let go of its COVID fear porn. It gives them too much power.

These mandates have never been about ‘the science.’

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