Message to the haters: U.S. Special Ops find, kill high-value ISIS leader, so Trump didn’t abandon that fight after all

(TNS) When President Trump made the decision earlier this month to withdraw about 50 remaining U.S. troops in Syria, most of them special ops types, he was lambasted by establishment types from the Garbage Party and the GOP as ‘abandoning our allies’ and ‘enabling a resurgence of ISIS.’

We explained at the time that the president was not only keeping a campaign promise, but that overall, Syria wasn’t our problem and that it was Obama’s deal from the outset.

The douchebag establishment types in Congress and the media would have Trump’s ass though, you see, because no matter what the man does, it’s wrong, it’s stupid, he’s out of his league, doesn’t know what he’s doing, yada, yada, fucking yada.

Anyone who actually thought that President Trump was going to completely ignore what’s going on in Syria and the region, ignore his military commanders and ignore his national security people are too filled with hate to understand that’s not who he is and it’s never been who he is.

The president hasn’t abandoned jack shit in the Middle East, in terms of what really matters — he’s just not going to dump another 100,000 troops there for another fucking 25 years, is all, and he shouldn’t.

But he’ll let Special Ops do their thing.

Fox News reports:

President Trump formally announced the death of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi after a successful U.S. military operation in northwest Syria Saturday night that took roughly two hours.

The Islamic State leader died in an apparent suicide, detonating an explosive vest as U.S. Special Operations Forces stormed his compound in the Idrib Province, Fox News reported earlier Sunday morning. Trump announced that the U.S. had al-Baghdadi under surveillance for weeks.

“Baghdadi was vicious and violent, and he died in a vicious and violent way, as a coward, running and crying,” Trump said. “He died like a dog, he died like a coward.”

Trump said the U.S. had been searching for al-Baghdadi for years, calling his capture or death “the top national security priority of my administration.” Trump thanked Russia, Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and Kurds in the region.

“No personnel were lost in the operation, while a large number of Baghdadi’s fighters and companions were killed with him,” Trump said, adding that the U.S. recovered “highly sensitive” materials related to ISIS. “You are the very best anywhere in the world,” Trump later said of the U.S. forces.

This president knows how to lead and he continues to demonstrate that time and time and time again.

So fuck you, you goddamned haters. ‘Merica! #MAGA #TrumpPence2020

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