By Tank Murdoch

(TNS) You may recall President Trump’s 2016 campaign pledge to “build a big, beautiful wall” along the U.S.-Southwest border and “make Mexico pay for it.”

The president has repeated the claim a number of times after he was elected, and each time he does, he’s chided, derided, and lambasted for doing so, with critics swearing up and down that neither would ever happen.

Except that it has. The Trump administration is continuing to build miles and miles of new wall that Mexico will pay for thanks to the approval of the USMCA agreement that stops the sucking of American jobs and money south as the trade arrangement between both countries improves for America.

But there are other ways Mexico is paying to help the U.S. stop illegal aliens from coming into our country. And it’s sort of like a wall.

Last week, Mexican officials announced they would be moving to interdict a new caravan of Guatemalan migrants that had set out for the U.S. and that’s exactly what happened, according to video reports and photos that surfaced Monday.

USA Features News reported:

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The Mexican government informed U.S. officials Thursday they would not allow a new migrant caravan forming in Guatemala to pass through their country enroute to the United States.

Mexico’s Secretary of Interior Olga Sanchez Cordero said no visas or permissions for the caravan will be provided.

In addition, the Trump administration is assisting the governments of Central America in dealing with caravans of their own people attempting to leave the country. That involves some taxpayer-funded foreign aid, but overall, it’s far less money than Americans would have to spend providing and caring for millions of new migrants if they were all allowed to simply come into the country.

New walls, a ‘wall’ of Mexican taxpayer-funded National Guard, and a better trade deal: Sounds like fulfilled immigration and trade policies to us.

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