By Duncan Smith

Second- and third-world countries have better election integrity than a sizeable portion of America, the most ‘advanced society’ on the planet.

But there is a reason for that: Democrats.

The vast majority of the country identifies as conservative or right-leaning and independent, so in order to perpetuate their own power, Democrats have to resort to schemes like tampering with/destroying election integrity.

We saw that last year on steroids; Democrats politicized the coronavirus and got their party apparachiks in key battleground states to violate the Constitution and change voting laws because they knew no federal court was going to overturn an election.

And now we have the feeblest man we could have chosen sitting in the White House. What a disgrace.

Well, the good news is that in the states, Republicans are taking the threat to our republic seriously.

They are passing one voter integrity law after another over the objections of the Garbage Party.

But of course, Democrats can’t stand to play by the rules so they’re resisting.

The Epoch Times reports:

Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte, a Republican, has signed into law two election integrity bills—one that tightens voter ID requirements and the other eliminating Election Day registration—prompting Democrats to sue, claiming 'voter suppression.'

House Bill 176 moves the deadline for late voter registration to noon on the day before Election Day, while Senate Bill 169 restricts acceptable IDs to use for voting, requiring some voters to present two forms of identification before casting a ballot.

'Montana has a long history of secure, transparent elections, setting a standard for the nation,' Gianforte said in a Monday tweet. 'These new laws establish new best practices to ensure the continued integrity of Montana's elections for years to come.'

Montana Secretary of State Christi Jacobsen said in a tweet: 'Montana sets the standard for elections across the country, however, there is always room for improvement, and voter ID and voter registration deadlines are best practices in protecting the integrity of elections.'

Shortly after Gianforte signed the bills into law, election attorney Marc Elias announced that a lawsuit had been filed on behalf of Montana Democrats.

'This afternoon, Montana's Republican Governor signed two voter suppression bills into law. Tonight, on behalf of the @MTDems we sued,' Elias said in a tweet.

Elias was involved in changing election laws last year ahead of the Nov. 3 election. You may also recall this dirtbag’s name from ‘Russiagate’ - he and his firm were involved in laundering money from the Hillary Clinton campaign to pay for the fake ‘dossier’ on Donald Trump.

It’s true and they prove it constantly: Democrats hate our country and are actively working to destroy it by destroying our institutions.

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