By Tank Murdoch

(TNS) A college student is now facing felony domestic terrorism charges because he did something incredibly stupid in an age where joking about mass shootings in any manner, shape, or form is going to draw the wrong kind of attention.

As reported by The College Fix, a Lake Superior State University is facing those charges after posting a picture to social media last fall “in which he displayed his firearm and made an apparent reference to offending anti-gun college students with it.”

The news site reported further:

In August of 2019 Lucas Gerhard uploaded the photograph of his new AR-15 to a private group on the social media platform Snapchat with the caption: “Takin this bad boy up, this outta make the snowflakes melt, aye? And I mean snowflakes as in snow.” Lucas had saved the money to buy the gun after a summer working at a diner, according to his father, Mark Gerhard, who spoke over the phone at length with The College Fix about the situation involving his son.

One of the members of the private group showed the photo to a young woman who was not part of it. This individual previously had political disagreements with Lucas, according to Mark Gerhard, and had been blocked from accessing his Snapchat account.

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That young woman interpreted the photograph as threatening, took a screen capture of the image and showed it to school authorities out of concern that Lucas was planning to commit a school shooting.

“Lucas is an Eagle Scout and has never been in any trouble before. He was going into his third year as a junior criminal justice law enforcement major at LSSU with the full intention of becoming involved in law enforcement in some way, with a focus on state police,” Mark Gerhard, a former Marine of 30 years, told the college news site.

The father went onto say that only the young woman reported it as a threat. And here’s another thing: That university actually allows students to bring guns onto campus and store them at a guarded armory while they stay there.

Long story short, shortly after Lucas checked into the school for the fall semester and stored his weapon and ammo he was busted by university police, charged, and booked on $250,000 bond with a requirement to remain in the county. He had to stay in jail for 83 days, which concerned his parents because he’s a Type 1 diabetic.

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The Washington Examiner reported last month that Republican state Rep. John Reilly, in response to the controversy, has “sponsored new legislation to redefine the crime of making a terroristic threat or making false reports of terrorism.”

And Michigan state Representative Beau LaFave told The College Fix:

I think in this particular instance it’s pretty clear that an individual at LSSU exercised his First Amendment right to talk about his Second Amendment right and the police, the university and everybody involved made grievous mistakes in charging him with a 20 year terrorism felony. And I think it’s disturbing to have de facto red flag laws implemented by the police, the judge, the prosecutor and the university when he broke, to my knowledge, no laws.

All well and good. But look — after almost every mass shooting incident in recent years, what’s one of the first things we see in the media? That the shooter left clues and hints or made statements telegraphing their intentions.

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And though the Eagle Scout son of a Marine vet probably meant no harm, how are authorities supposed to tell?

We are all about the Constitution and especially the First and Second amendments, but come on. You have to know we are living in a hyper-politicized, intently frightened environment these days, where even innocent comments can be misinterpreted or intentionally misconstrued.

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You simply cannot make these kinds of posts today, especially when you’re featuring a firearm that the Left is just dying to ban.

Just. Can’t. Do. It.

And now, this lad is liable to pay for his mistake with the better portion of his youth. Just a stupid decision.


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