By Duncan Smith

He was a little wound up…

No one will ever credibly accuse former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino of being misunderstood or mincing words.

Following the so-called “insurrection” — the garbage media’s word of choice — by Trump supporters who broke into the U.S. Capitol Building Wednesday following a rally in D.C. in support of President Trump, Bongino appeared on Fox News’ “Hannity” to push back against the fake news narratives.

He also called out the garbage media and monumentally hypocritical Democrats for honing in on the one time Trump supporters misbehaved since he’s been in office after ignoring the months’ worth of Antifa and BLM violence that has been occurring all over the country for the past several months.

'What we can't get into is let the left intimidate us and say, 'well, bringing up how we got here is whataboutism,'' he said Wednesday night. 'No, it isn't whataboutism, it's about asking you about principles that apply to both sides.'

Recalling that Antifa anarchists besieged t a U.S. courthouse in Portland for an entire month last summer, Bongino wondered 'do you think that would have been allowed to happen if it were a group of, God forbid, conservatives or libertarians? You damn well know the answer is no. Those people would be arrested and tried immediately…Why was that allowed to continue for a month?'

'The answer is…because there isn't one guiding set of principles in this country. There is one rule for the left and media, and another set of rules from conservatives who call out violence anytime it happens…[violence] is never the solution to our problems in this country…It is not a Parcheesi club. There has to be one set of principles that is assigned to both sides that we have fidelity to. And if we don't have that, we don't have a country.”

'We have roundly condemned the violence tonight on this network. Everyone. Period. That's it. Where was the media…when my Secret Service friends were calling me with a mob outside of the White House during the summer of protest who were generally in fear for the first time?… Where were the mass condemnations there?…there isn't one guiding set of principles in this country.”


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