Oh, look: CNN’s Don Lemon wants America to stop watching Trump’s virus pressers — like they’ve stopped watching HIM

At a time of crisis, Leftist media types want to censor the president?

By Jon Dougherty @TheNatSent

(TNS) We’re seeing a lot of unprecedented things these days as a result of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

Governors deeming businesses ‘essential and non-essential,’ then ordering the latter closed to prevent the spread of the virus.

Banning large groups of people. Implementing curfews.

Threatening to jail people who break the rules.

Calling up a million National Guard and reserve forces. Constructing makeshift hospitals. Sending a Navy hospital ship to New York.

Telling people to stay home and stay away from each other.

Lots of unprecedented things…including media types who want to censor the president of the United States during this time of crisis.

Well, some media types. Mostly Left-wing media types. Like MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, and CNN’s Don Lemon.

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The latter was at it again Monday evening during his ‘hand-off’ to colleague Chris Cuomo. Lemon claimed that the president was using the daily coronavirus briefings as a way to resurrect his hit TV “The Apprentice” before suggesting viewers should not “listen to what he says.”

“I have said I don’t think that you should really listen to what he says, you should listen to what the experts say,” Lemon said Monday.

“I’m not actually sure, if you want to be honest, that we should carry that live. I think we should run snippets. I think we should do it afterwards and get the pertinent points to the American people because he’s never, ever going to tell you the truth,” he added.

In other words, let the hacks at CNN edit the president’s words so they can present them out of context to fit a narrative or political agenda. Like CNN usually does.

Lemon continued:

And guess what he’s gonna do. If you ask a question that is a legitimate question, and if he doesn’t like the question, he’s gonna say whether you’re being mean or not or whatever he wants to call it, he’s gonna say, ‘That is a mean, nasty question.’ Why? Because he wants his base to think that the media is being mean to him and they’re attacking him. It is all a plot! It is all orchestrated. And if you can’t see it, I don’t know what you’re looking at. It’s obvious, it’s transparent to me.

This has become- those press briefings have become his new ‘Apprentice.’ They’ve become his new rallies. And he treats the press and the media as if he’s talking to the people at his rallies. It’s the same thing. It’s no different except the audience isn’t there.

And they call the president a “conspiracy theorist.”

Trump doesn’t dodge tough questions, he dodges stupid questions. He swats away the “gotcha” nonsense so that Americans who are watching can actually get legitimate information.

And boy, are Americans watching. Which brings us back to Lemon.

They aren’t watching him.

So that makes all of this an interesting irony that Don Lemon of CNN — whom few people are watching anyway — would call for censoring a president millions of Americans want to hear from during this time of crisis.


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