Tucker Carlson’s ‘three dangers’ to America in post-COVID-19 world include loss of our ‘birthright’

"It's not paranoid to talk. It's real. And you should worry about it."

By Tank Murdoch @TheNatSent

(TNS) Fox News’ Tucker Carlson didn’t ascend to the top of cable news punditry by being hyperbolic or foolish, he got there with class, style, and cogent, thoughtful, analysis.

So when he pontificates about the current state of things during his daily evening show, lots of people listen.

On Tuesday, Tucker offered his analysis of post-COVID-19 America and the post c-virus world that is both interesting and noteworthy, given that things will change if for no other reason than simply based on our outsized response to the pandemic.

As Fox News reported, Tucker detailed three dangers we’ll face in the U.S. after the virus epidemic passes:

Global Depression

The economic damage caused by the coronavirus could be significant enough to “wipe out the middle class,” he warned.

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“The finance moguls will be fine no matter what happens to the economy. Not much changes for poor people, either. But the middle class? The middle class could be wiped out by what we are watching right now,” he said.

“The service industry, middle management, small business, the independent contractors, people like those make this country work, and more importantly, they keep it stable. They are the ones in deepest peril tonight.”

A lasting economic hit to the middle class would result in an “impoverished country with a thin layer of rich people at the top.”

“That’s a recipe for suffering and for never-ending political volatility … and suddenly, for the first time ever, it’s a possibility here. Our first priority has to be preventing that or our grandchildren will regret it deeply,” he noted.

China’s Economic Dominance

That China could actually emerge from all of this as the preeminent global economic power is a possibility as well, he said.

“China ultimately is responsible for this virus. The threat extends far beyond the current pandemic. It’s entirely possible that the Chinese coronavirus makes China stronger in the end, even as it weakens us in America,” Carlson warned. “China already has a deeper manufacturing base than we do and has a far larger population … soon it will have the biggest economy on earth.”

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“It’s entirely possible that we could wake up a few years from now and find China in charge,” he noted further. “Now, we’ve been headed to this place for a while. The crisis that we’re currently going through could be enough to push us.”

Carlson called for a plan to prevent Beijing “from taking advantage of the chaos they that have unleashed and [that] we are suffering through.” [Editor’s note: We discussed this very thing today in an earlier story.]

Threat to Freedom of Conscience

Our freedom of conscience is under assault from multinational tech monopolies who have been controlling the stream of information about the c-virus, Carlson said (because that’s what they do).

“As we do all we can to fight this pandemic, we should make sure we don’t lose the most important part of our birthright as Americans … the right to think and say what we believe is true,” he added.

Freedom of conscience may be undervalued right now, but it underpins everything we have. It is the foundation of a free and decent society.”

“It’s not a small thing. It’s a trend, collusion between big multinationals and authoritarian governments to make you obey,” Carlson concluded. “It’s not paranoid to talk. It’s real. And you should worry about it.”



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Best move I ever made was move offgrid. I never go to any big cities.

About five years ago, I had to go to the city, and did my business, and left. It had become exponentially worse. Nothing but blight and squalor, punctuated with bums, dirtbags, and idiots.

CA Rebel
CA Rebel

People are too filled with the fear the media pushes. And that fear will doom us all.


I would have to say :
‘Mission Accomplished’
They have everyone dangling like puppets on the end of a string.
For those who could not see it, Trump has been shining the bright, hot light on the
Democrat-Media Complex and the foreign globalists the last four years. Our movement had been gaining steam everyday. This virus BS has put the brakes on it and the evil marxist scum are loving it.

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