By Jon Dougherty

If Democrats are anything, they are massive hypocrites, as evidenced by their healthcare policies.

On the one hand, they fight tooth and nail to preserve Obamacare, which has seen enrollment fall to new lows (just 8.5 million enrollees) this year. Yet, they back a new socialist system that would toss 180 million Americans off of private health insurance most enjoy and don’t even bat an eye.

What’s more, while they lament the cost of private health insurance, they have no problems foisting a socialist system on us (call it “BernieCare”) that would cost taxpayers tens of trillions of dollars and still not be any good.

First things first: The reason why private coverage remains high is because of government and its volumes of regulations on both the healthcare and health insurance industries. Obamacare’s requirements alone have dramatically driven up the cost of monthly premiums and deductibles.

And remember when the law’s namesake claimed (lied) that his signature legislation would lower our premiums, deductibles, and overall healthcare costs?

Without question, having government take over most of healthcare has been an expensive disaster; having the government take it over completely would collapse the system, not to mention give government entirely too much power and influence over our lives.

But the expense is the big country killer, as Charles Blahous, a senior research strategist at George Mason University’s Mercatus Center, said this week, per the Washington Free Beacon.

“Doubling all currently projected federal individual and corporate income tax would be insufficient to finance” Medicare for All, which is the essence of BernieCare:

Blahous spoke before the House Rules Committee about “Medicare for All,” the health care plan proposed by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) and supported by several 2020 Democratic candidates. Blahous estimated the cost is between $32.6 trillion and $38.8 trillion.

“Medicare for All would add somewhere between $32.6 trillion and $38.8 trillion in new federal budget costs over the first ten years. The $32.6 trillion estimate is a lower bound estimate. It essentially assumes every cost-containment provision in the bill saves as much as possible,” Blahous said.

“If instead things play out more consistently with historical trends, the new federal cost would be closer to $38.8 trillion,” he continued. “So, to provide a sense of the magnitudes, the study notes that doubling all currently projected federal individual and corporate income taxes would be insufficient to finance even the lower bound estimate of $32.6 trillion.”

“Now, to be clear, these would not be the total costs of Medicare for All. These would the federal government’s net new cost above and beyond currently projected federal health obligations.”

But Democrats continue to flat-out lie about the very real negative effects such a plan would cause — and, of course, we’ve heard these lies before (cough-Obama-cough).

Per the Free Beacon:

House Rules Committee chairman Jim McGovern (D., Mass.) said Americans wouldn’t lose their health care or their doctors if the country adopted a Medicare for All system on Tuesday. McGovern’s committee held the first-ever hearing on the proposed health care overhaul being debated as part of the 2020 Democratic presidential primary, and McGovern effectively repeated an infamous promise by President Barack Obama.

“People aren’t going to lose their health care with Medicare for All,” he said. “You would actually to keep your doctors and go to your hospitals that you currently have. The only difference is you wouldn’t have to deal with insurance companies. I don’t know about you, but that’s not my favorite thing to do when I get sick.”

Yes, the current healthcare infrastructure would be in place initially — doctors/providers, hospitals, clinics — but as government began rationing payments and care (which Medicare and Medicaid already do) doctors will quite (and fewer Americans will want to become doctors) because reimbursement rates won’t cover salaries and the cost of medical school; hospitals will close (lack of revenue and provider shortages), and there will be fewer clinics.

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The last thing Americans need is to turn over our entire healthcare system to a big government Socialist and medical non-expert like Bernie Sanders.

We’ll leave you with this: A 33-year-old mother who nearly died from anal cancer thanks to Canada’s government-run healthcare system (which Bernie and Democrats love to brag about all the time — even as they face no similar roadblocks to healthcare and would not, ever, as members of Congress and the governing elite).

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