Sanders’ proposals on how he’ll pay for all his socialism will financially break the country and dismantle the military

By Tank Murdoch

(TNS) If Bernie Sanders wins the Democratic Party presidential nomination and his (adopted) party goes on to win in November, Americans had better learn to do things: Live well under their means and learn how to fight.

Both of these realizations became crystal clear late Monday after Sanders released his proposals for how he’ll pay for his massive socialist government expansion programs.

Here is the Cliff Notes version: Heavy taxes, lawsuits on our most prosperous industries, and financial destruction of the military.

According to his campaign website and various fact sheets he’s released, this is what it’ll take for Bernie to “transform America” (remember that is the same word that Barack Obama used — which begs the question, ‘Why would you want to ‘transform’ something you supposedly love?’).

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College for everyone and the cancellation of all student debt

It’s going to cost at least $2.2 trillion to make public colleges, universities and trade schools completely tuition-free (like Bernie’s buddy, Fidel Castro, did — right before his country tanked, economically) and to cancel all student debt over the next decade. He claims that it’s fully paid for by a modest tax on Wall Street speculation that will raise an estimated $2.4 trillion over ten years. But of course, this assumes current Wall Street and the financial sector in its current state, which has set one record after another under President Trump’s economy. No way the stock markets and financial industry remain healthy and viable under socialism.

Read the plan.

Massive Social Security expansion

Legislation to expand Social Security would increase benefits to low-income seniors and those with disabilities by more than $1,300 a year — or about $108.33 per month. Wow. To fund this gargantuan increase, Sanders will punish the richest 1.8 percent of Americans — people making $250,000 or more a year, which isn’t jack in places like San Francisco (but it’s “rich” in Bernie’s world) by making them pay a higher rate into the Social Security system, which is already projected to go broke in a decade or so. His measure only extends solvency until 2070 though, not permanently.

Read the plan.

Everyone gets a place to live, on Uncle Sam (that is, on you working stiffs)

His proposal to make housing a ‘human right’ will supposedly eliminate homelessness at a price of $2.5 trillion over 10 years (sure, Bernie, whatever you say). More taxes on the wealthy will fund this boondoggle — a “wealth tax” on the top one-tenth of one percent, or those worth at least $32 million. That tax alone he’s projecting will raise $4.35 trillion, but again, he assumes that ‘the wealthy’ are simply going to line up to pay out and not move assets offshore or simply move altogether.

Read the plan.

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Turning government literally into the country’s nanny with universal pre-K

Sanders wants the government and allied government institutions (public schools) to become the country’s babysitter and pre-K provider to ‘those who need it.’ This $1.5 trillion plan comes from another wealth tax on the 0.1 percent, or those who are worth more than $32 million (See a pattern here? If you dare to live the American dream, Bernie’s taxes are going to punish you for your accomplishments).

Read the plan.

Elimination of all medical debt

All of the money owed to the nation’s healthcare institutions and highly skilled, highly trained doctors and providers would vanish with a “poof” under Sanders. He has a proposal to eliminate $81 billion in outstanding medical debt, and to pay for it he will tax corporations that pay CEOs at least 50 times more than average workers. Great. So that means the people who worked their tails off to become trained and qualified to run large corporations are also going to be punished by Bernie.

Think about it: Can you run a multibillion-dollar international corporation? There are probably only about 1,000 or so people in the country who can, and Bernie’s going to punish them and the companies they run because they are successful.

Read the plan.

Green. New. Deal.

It’s none of these things: Green, new, or a deal. This monstrous boondoggle, Bernie projects, will only cost $16.3 trillion. It will completely move our country away from the cheapest and most plentiful sources of energy we currently use and force everyone to rely on unproven, currently unavailable, and far less efficient sources of power (you know the drill — wind, solar, electric cars, wings and prayers, etc. And it will take massive new taxes that everyone will pay in order to finance this pipe dream (that’s destined to fail — meantime, most everyone not named Bernie Sanders will be huddling and shivering in the dark).

Read the plan.

And, of course, “Medicare for All”

Citing some study that ‘proves’ Bernie’s plan would ‘save $450 billion a year’ in healthcare costs while saving something like 68,000 lives, the candidate will have to raise the estimated $32 trillion by taxing everyone 4 percent or more above $29,000 a year. There are lots of figures and claims and stuff in the plan, but the bottom line is this: We trusted a Democratic socialist, Barack Obama, to “fix all that is wrong” with U.S. healthcare, and Democrats went along with it. Is the system “fixed?” Did things ‘get better’ under Obamacare? The answer, of course, is a resounding no. So what makes anyone seriously believe that full-on government healthcare at a gargantuan price will be better?

Sanders’ plan would sap what remaining life there is in the healthcare system. He would create an environment that discouraged people from spending eight-to-fifteen years of their life preparing to be specialists, because the pay incentives would be gone. Government would ‘control spending’ by cutting services, rationing care, cutting payments to providers and ‘deciding’ who is and is not worthy of ‘the investment.’ Believe it; this happens now with Medicare and Medicaid; Sanders’ Medicare for All will put these measures on steroids.

And wait times? If you think it takes too long to see a doctor now, ask a Canadian or a Brit or someone in a full-on socialist healthcare system about their wait times.

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You know who won’t have to wait to see a doctor? President Bernie Sanders, his Cabinet, Congress, and the ‘elite insiders’ (who also don’t have to wait now).

How about this for an alternative: We go back to the days when the healthcare industry was full-on competitive, the government wasn’t interfering and making all the rules, and allow doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies to compete for patients? Granted, Bernie and his socialist authoritarian healthcare ‘managers’ can’t control us with a capitalist healthcare plan, but believe us, that’s a good thing.

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As for the military, Sanders’ plans all drain money from the Pentagon — an estimated $1.12 trillion just to help fund the Green New Deal. This, at a time when China is building a massive modern military and Russia remains a threat to global peace and security (no wonder Putin wants Bernie to win). So in between hunting for food, waiting around to see a doctor, and freezing to death in the winter, Americans had better find some time to hone their military skills; they’ll be needed to fight off the invasion.



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The goal of socialism is communism. We should remove all subversive marxist-satanist bastards — before they breed to a majority.

Alej Marcos

Universal suffrage is what gives that maggot a chance. It will finally be the terminal cancer of our country.

She Let Bernie Touch Her Down There
She Let Bernie Touch Her Down There

AOC (aka Dem Economic Guru) taught Bernie that taxes you don’t have, pay for everything !


I’m old enough to remember when doctors made house calls. Veterinary DVM’s too. You can’t fool the people with medicare for all when you political satanists do NOT abide by the same medicare for all policies for your own personal care. Same crap when all you political satanists paid off sex abuse cases, but wouldn’t disclose to the public how many taxpayer’s dollars were used, and for what specific sex offense. To me, commies are political satanists. Karl Marx was a rothschild puppet. To me, you all deserve to be exiled forever from US soil! Or hang by the neck.… Read more »

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